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THE ANSWERS TO THIS QUESTION I SHALL STATE AS SIMPLY AS POSSIBLE. By the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Last Messenger of Allah.

1. We want freedom. We want a full and complete freedom.

2. We want justice. Equal justice under the law. We want justice applied equally to all, regardless of creed or class or color.

3. We want equality of opportunity. We want equal membership in society with the best in civilized society.

4. We want our people in America whose parents or grandparents were descendants from slaves, to be allowed to establish a separate state or territory of their own–either on this continent or elsewhere. We believe that our former slave masters are obligated to provide such land and that the area must be fertile and minerally rich. We believe that our former slave masters are obligated to maintain and supply our needs in this separate territory for the next 20 to 25 years–until we are able to produce and supply our own needs.

Since we cannot get along with them in peace and equality, after giving them 400 years of our sweat and blood and receiving in return some of the worst treatment human beings have ever experienced, we believe our contributions to this land and the suffering forced upon us by white America, justifies our demand for complete separation in a state or territory of our own.

5. We want freedom for all Believers of Islam now held in federal prisons. We want freedom for all black men and women now under death sentence in innumerable prisons in the North as well as the South. We want every black man and woman to have the freedom to accept or reject being separated from the slave master’s children and establish a land of their own.

We know that the above plan for the solution of the black and white conflict is the best and only answer to the problem between two people.

6. We want an immediate end to the police brutality and mob attacks against the so-called Negro throughout the United States. We believe that the Federal government should intercede to see that black men and women tried in white courts receive justice in accordance with the laws of the land–or allow us to build a new nation for ourselves, dedicated to justice, freedom and liberty.

7. As long as we are not allowed to establish a state or territory of our own, we demand not only equal justice under the laws of the United States, but equal employment opportunities–NOW!

We do not believe that after 400 years of free or nearly free labor, sweat and blood, which has helped America become rich and powerful, so many thousands of black people should have to subsist on relief or charity or live in poor houses.

8. We want the government of the United States to exempt our people from ALL taxation as long as we are deprived of equal justice under the laws of the land.

9. We want equal education–but separate schools up to 16 for boys and 18 for girls on the condition that the girls be sent to women’s colleges and universities. We want all black children educated, taught and trained by their own teachers. Under such schooling system we believe we will make a better nation of people. The United States government should provide, free, all necessary text books and equipment, schools and college buildings. The Muslim teachers shall be left free to teach and train their people in the way of righteousness, decency and self respect.

10. We believe that intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited. We want the religion of Islam taught without hindrance or suppression.

What The Muslims Believe

1. WE BELIEVE In the One God whose proper Name is Allah.

2. WE BELIEVE in the Holy Qur’an and in the Scriptures of all the Prophets of God.

3. WE BELIEVE in the truth of the Bible, but we believe that it has been tampered with and must be reinterpreted so that mankind will not be snared by the falsehoods that have been added to it.

4. WE BELIEVE in Allah’s Prophets and the Scriptures they brought to the people.

5. WE BELIEVE in the the resurrection of the dead–not in physical resurrection–but in mental resurrection. We believe that the so-called Negroes are most in need of mental resurrection; therefore they will be resurrected first. Furthermore, we believe we are the people of God’s choice, as it has been written, that God would choose the rejected and the despised. We can find no other persons fitting this description in these last days more that the so-called Negroes in America. We believe in the resurrection of the righteous.

6. WE BELIEVE in the judgment; we believe this first judgment will take place as God revealed, in America…

7. WE BELIEVE this is the time in history for the separation of the so-called Negroes and the so-called white Americans. We believe the black man should be freed in name as well as in fact. By this we mean that he should be freed from the names imposed upon him by his former slave masters. Names which identified him as being the slave master’s slave. We believe that if we are free indeed, we should go in our own people’s names–the black people of the Earth.

8. WE BELIEVE in justice for all, whether in God or not; we believe as others, that we are due equal justice as human beings. We believe in equality–as a nation–of equals. We do not believe that we are equal with our slave masters in the status of “freed slaves.”

We recognize and respect American citizens as independent peoples and we respect their laws which govern this nation.

9. WE BELIEVE that the offer of integration is hypocritical and is made by those who are trying to deceive the black peoples into believing that their 400-year-old open enemies of freedom, justice and equality are, all of a sudden, their “friends.” Furthermore, we believe that such deception is intended to prevent black people from realizing that the time in history has arrived for the separation from the whites of this nation.

If the white people are truthful about their professed friendship toward the so-called Negro, they can prove it by dividing up America with their slaves. We do not believe that America will ever be able to furnish enough jobs for her own millions of unemployed, in addition to jobs for the 20,000,000 black people as well.

10. WE BELIEVE that we who declare ourselves to be righteous Muslims, should not participate in wars which take the lives of humans. We do not believe this nation should force us to take part in such wars, for we have nothing to gain from it unless America agrees to give us the necessary territory wherein we may have something to fight for.

11. WE BELIEVE our women should be respected and protected as the women of other nationalities are respected and protected.

12. WE BELIEVE that Allah (God) appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, July, 1930; the long-awaited “Messiah” of the Christians and the “Mahdi” of the Muslims.

We believe further and lastly that Allah is God and besides HIM there is no god and He will bring about a universal government of peace wherein we all can live in peace together

Still believed and Re-printed by

Soul and Spirit 

by Messenger Elijah Muhammad

Soul : The biggest soul we have is air. If you deprive the man of air, then he’s dead. You could come up here now and start (choking) me on my neck, soon you will have me so that I can’t breathe and I won’t be talking. That’s the soul that they preach to you about; that’s the real soul it’s YOUR BREATH.There’s no such thing as a little man going out of your mouth to an unknown place; NO! NO! When you get to the point that you can’t breathe the little man in, you don’t (won’t) be a little man yourself.Go take this home with you and study. You will come to the knowledge of truth. You see people drowning and you see him standing up the man on his head to run water out of his lungs. If too much water is in the lungs, which brings in the breath of life, then the man will expire, because he has too much of it. That will kill him. There is no such thing as a spirit jumping out of your body going some place.

Spirit : First, the spirit so often misunderstood and misquoted or preached, means in many instances, the energy of a person, or the life of a person. It doesn’t mean some individual spirit standing out here having the authority to tell us what to do and what we shouldn’t do, because a spirit or energy always is produced by matter.We cannot find spirit or energy unless we find the base of it, it has a base and that base is always something of real that we can see and understand, and therefore we cannot say that the God would come in such form or spirit when we gives that God a masculine name and a pronoun; the pronoun of He and Him or Thee God cannot refer to a spirit or spook, it refers to a human being or a being like a human being. Therefore a spirit can’t be given a noun and a pronoun which is not something of itself. It is something that is emitted by something. You don’t have steam coming out of the kettle all by itself. You’ve got to have something in that kettle for it to be producing steam. The steam is the energy of what you have in there. I must repeat that a Spirit does not come independently of itself. Spirit is dependent upon air, water and food. Without it, the spirit can have no life. Spirit is the energy of something else. We cannot feel the spirit outside of us. Spirit must be within us and when we feel the spirit inside of us, we say that our life is now happy or made spiritually sad or spiritually happy. And if we are spiritually happy, then we can’t say that the spirit came from some external force – it didn’t come from some external force, it came from within us from that which we were thinking about or that which we heard externally. And so, there is no spirit (that) has any power to do anything, unless it has something of life from which to emit. We cannot expect to see that which cannot be seen. A spirit cannot be seen, only felt. It is like electricity. Electricity is a power produced by friction from a substance that has such power (electric) in it produced by the sun and moon upon the earth. It is not seen, but we know what makes it. So it is with God.We know that God exists and is All Wise, All Powerful, and that this quickening power called spirit is from Him. But who is this God? A spirit cannot think, but thinking can produce spirit. So according to God’s own words, through His prophets, He must be a man. It is natural to say that God is the Spirit of Truth, of Life. It is natural to say such and such a one is a liar, but where there is no one to tell a lie, there is no liar.So it is with truth or the spirit of truth. If there is nothing to produce the spirit, there is no spirit; nor can we know the truth without someone to teach the truth. Where there is man, there is the spirit. Where there is no man, there is no spirit, for THE SPIRIT CANNOT PRODUCE ITSELF.

The Light of God 

by Messenger Elijah Muhammad

He (God) created Himself and was Light of Himself. He emitted light from the live atom of Self.

When the first man created Himself, He was the light of the circle. Then He willed the Sun into being. It was six trillion years between the making of the Sun and the creation of man.

When first life germ created in darkness it brought itself into being and became a light of himself and from himself he produced a sphere and mattered it into matter. How could man be a selflight? We need that which gives off a light and the lightning bug is in their own light. The God did that to give you a sign. Jehovah made Moses’ skin to shine. Electric is in the light and the light is part of us and we created that sun but the sun did not create us. We are self-created. Since you can’t find the end of light, you can’t find the end of God. If you can’t understand the source of light you can’t understand the source of God

YAKUB'S HISTORY: Black Man's History 

Malcolm X

December, 1962

I want to thank Allah for coming and giving to us our leader and teacher here in America, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  I want to thank Brother Benjamin at the outset for doing a wonderful job of opening up our eyes and giving us a good preliminary basic understanding of the means and the objectives of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and also I am thankful to Allah for bringing so many people out here tonight, especially just before Christmas. You know, it's next to a miracle when you get this many of our people together so close to Christmas interested in anything whatsoever that's serious. And actually what this shows is the change that's taking place among the so-called Negroes not only here in New York but throughout the entire world. Today dark mankind is waking up and is undertaking a new type of thinking, and it is this new type of thinking that is creating new approaches and new reactions that make it almost impossible to figure out what the black man is going to do next, and by black man we mean, as we are taught by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we include all those who are non-white. He teaches us that black is the basic color, that black is the foundation or the basis of all colors. And all of our people who have not yet become white are still black, or at least part of the Black Nation,and here at Muhammad's Mosque when you hear us using the term "black" we mean everybody who's here, regardless of your complexion. If you're here at the Mosque you're black, because the only ticket you need to get into Muhammad's Mosque is to be black. So if you got in you know you're black. You may not have known that you were black before you came here. In fact, very few of our people really look upon themselves as being black. They think of themselves as practically everything else on the color spectrum except black. And no matter how dark one of our people may be, you rarely hear him call himself black. But now that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has been teaching among the so-called Negroes, you find our people of all complexions going around bragging that "I'm a black man." This shows you that a new teaching is taking place and there is new thinking among the so-called Negroes. Yet just yesterday you would have to admit that it was very difficult to get our people to refer to themselves as black. Now all of a sudden our people of all complexions are not apologizing for being black but bragging about being black. So there's a new thinking all over America among the so-called Negroes. And the one who is actually the author of this new thinking is The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It is what he is teaching that is making our people, for the first time, proud to be black, and what's most important of all, for the first time it makes our people want to know more about black, want to know why black is good, or what there is about black that is good.

I might stop right here to point out that some of you may say, "I came up here to listen to some religion about Islam, but now all I hear you talk about is black." We don't separate our color from our religion. The white man doesn't. The white man never has separated Christianity from white, nor has he separated the white man from Christianity. When you hear the white man bragging, "I'm a Christian," he's bragging about being a white man. Then you have the Negro. When he is bragging about being a Christian, he's bragging that he's a white man, or he wants to be white, and usually those Negroes who brag like that, I think you have to agree, in their songs and the things they sing in church, they show that they have a greater desire to be white than anything else. My mother was a Christian and my father was a Christian and I used to hear them when I was a little child sing the song "Wash Me White As Snow." My father was a black man and my mother was a black woman, but yet the songs that they sang in their church were designed to fill their hearts with the desire to be white. So many people, especially our people, get resentful when they hear me say something like this. But rather than get resentful all they have to do is think back on many of the songs and much of the teachings and the doctrines that they were taught while they were going to church and they'll have to agree that it was all designed to make us look down on black and up at white.

So the religion that we have, the religion of Islam, the religion that makes us Muslims, the religion that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is teaching us here in America today, is designed to undo in our minds what the white man has done to us. It's designed to undo the type of brainwashing that we have had to undergo for four hundred years at the hands of the white man in order to bring us down to the level that we're at today. So when you hear us often refer to black in almost a boastful way, actually we're not boasting, we're speaking of it in a factual sense. All we're doing is telling the truth about our people. Whenever you exalt black, that's not propaganda; when you exalt white, that's propaganda. Yet no one can give biological evidence to show that black actually is the stronger or superior of the two if you want to make that kind of comparison. So never think ill of the person whom you hear representing The Honorable Elijah Muhammad if an overemphasis seems to be placed on the word black, but rather sit and analyze and try to get an understanding.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that of all the things that the black man, or any man for that matter, can study history is the best qualified to reward all research. You have to have a knowledge of history no matter what you are going to do; anything that you undertake you have to have a knowledge of history in order to be successful in it. The thing that has made the so-called Negro in America fail, more than any other thing, is your, my, lack of knowledge concerning history. We know less about history than anything else. There are black people in America who have mastered the mathematical sciences, have become professors and experts in physics, are able to toss sputniks out there in the atmosphere, out in space. They are masters in that field. We have black men who have mastered the field of medicine, we have black men who have mastered other fields, but very seldom do we have black men in America who have mastered the knowledge of the history of the black man himself. we have among our people those who are experts in every field, but seldom can you find one among us who is an expert on the history of the black man. And because of his lack of knowledge concerning the history of the black man, no matter how much he excels in the other sciences, he's always confined, he's always relegated to the same low rung of the ladder that the dumbest of our people are relegated to. And all of this stems form his lack of knowledge concerning history. What made Dr. George Washington Carver a Negro scientist instead of a scientist? What made Paul Robeson a Negro actor instead of an actor? What made, or makes, Ralph Bunche a Negro statesman instead of a statesman? The only difference between Bunche and Carver and these others I just mentioned is they don't know the history of the black man. Bunche is an expert, an international politician, but he doesn't know himself, he doesn't know the history of the black people. He can be sent all over the world by America to solve problems for America, or to solve problems for other nations, but he can't solve problems for his own people in this country. Why? What is it that ties our people up in this way? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that it boils down to just one word -- history.

When you study the history of Bunche, his history is different from the history of the black man who just came here from Africa. And if you notice, when Bunche was in Atlanta, Georgia, during the summer NAACP Convention, he was Jim Crowed, he was segregated, he was not allowed to go in a hotel down there. Yet there are Africans who come here, black as night, who can go into those cracker hotels. Well, what is the difference between Bunche and one of them? The difference is Bunche doesn't know his history, and they, the Africans, do know their history. They may come here out of the jungles, but they know their history. They may come here wearing sheets with their heads all wrapped up, but they know their history. You and I can come out of Harvard but we don't know our history. There's a basic difference in why we are treated as we are: one knows his history and one doesn't know his history! The American so-called Negro is a soldier who doesn't know his history; he's a servant who doesn't know his history; he's a graduate of Columbia, or Yale, or Harvard, or Tuskeegee, who doesn't know his history. He's confined, he's limited, he's held under the control and the jurisdiction of the white man who knows more about the history of the Negro than the Negro knows about himself. But when you and I wake up, as we're taught by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and learn our history, learn the history of our kind, and the history of the white kind, then the white man will be at a disadvantage and we'll be at an advantage.

The only thing that puts you and me at a disadvantage is our lack of knowledge concerning history. So one of the reasons, one of the missions, one of the objectives of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad here in America is not only to teach you and me the right religion but to teach you and me history. In fact, do you know that if you and I know history we know the right religion? The only way that you can become confused, that you can become mixed up and not know which religion belongs to God, is if you don't know history. In fact, you have to know history to know something about God. You have to know history to know something about God's religion. You have to know history to know something about God's people. You have to know history to know something about God's plans and God's purposes, and, as I say, the only people who don't know history are the American so-called Negroes. If you know history, for example, for example, you know when you look at this religion right here [writes"Christianity" on the black board] the only way you can explain it is to have a knowledge of history.

Why is it called Christianity? It is called Christianity, they say, because it was named after a man called Christ who was born two thousand years ago. Now you know, brothers and sisters, God is an old God, and the world is an old world. The universe has been here a long time. I think all of you would agree that the universe has been here longer than two thousand years. Then you'll also agree that the universe was made by God Himself, that God created the universe. God created the people who are on this earth, God wouldn't create a universe, God wouldn't set a thing up in the sky that makes nine planets rotate around it, all of them inhabited, you and I inhabiting the planet earth upon which we live -- God wouldn't have done all this and not given people a religion. God put His religion here at the creation of the universe. Now then, since you agree to this and you'll agree also that Christ was born two thousand years ago, this couldn't have been God's religion. Your knowledge of history tells you that God couldn't call His religion Christianity because Christianity is only two thousand years old. So if this is the case, then what was God's religion called before the birth of Christ? Can you see the importance of history? Why, if you didn't know history you'd think that Christianity was God's religion, and you'd be running around here wondering why everybody doesn't practice it. Because some people have a better knowledge of history than others do, it is only the people whose knowledge of history is limited who jump up and say that Christianity is the name of God's religion. If Christianity hasn't always been the name of God's religion it isn't now the name of God's religion. God doesn't change His religion; God doesn't change His mind; God's mind is made up from the beginning. He doesn't have to change His mind because He knows all there is to know all the way down the wheel of time. He never has to change His mind, His mind is made up, His knowledge is complete, all encompassing. Do you understand? So once you can see, and I think you can, then it's almost impossible for God to call Christianity His religion.

What should God call His religion? Christians are the ones who call God's religion Christianity, but God was here before Christians came on the scene. They tell you that Christians began back there with the Romans, with one of the Roman Emperors who accepted the teachings of some of Jesus' disciples and then named what the disciples taught "Christianity." But Jesus didn't call it Christianity, it wasn't named until two or three hundred years after Jesus was dead. Right or wrong? Any history book will tell this, any theologian knows this, and the only Negroes who will contend this are those who don't know history, and most Negroes don't know history. Most Negroes will contend this, but when you tell it to the white man he shuts his mouth because he knows that this is true.

Then those who have studied a little deeper will say, "Before God called it Christianity it was called Judaism" -- isn't this what they say? Named after a man called Judah. This doesn't follow logically. If Christianity was named after Christ was born, and before Christ was born the religion was called Judaism, then that means that it got its name from a son of Jacob whose name was Judah. But history tells us that Jacob was bending down before Judah was born, which shows us that Jacob's religion couldn't have been Judaism, and Isaac was Jacob's father and he was bending down also before Jacob, his son, was born. Isaac was Judah's grandfather and Abraham was Judah's great-grandfather, meaning that Abraham was on the scene long before Judah, and you couldn't call Abraham's religion Judaism because there was no such thing as Judaism in Abraham's day. There wa no such thing as Judaism in Isaac's day, or in Jacob's day. Do you understand? So what was God's religion before they called it Judaism? This is something that the white man has never taught you and me. The white man is afraid to let you and me know what God's religion was called in Abraham's day because Abraham is supposed to have been the father of all of them. He is supposed to have been one of God's first servants. One of the first to submit to God is supposed to have been Abraham. Now if you can see this, then find out what Abraham's religion was.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that Abraham's religion was the religion of Islam. Islam only means complete submission to God, complete obedience to God. Abraham obeyed God. Abraham obeyed God so much so that when God told Abraham to take his son and sacrifice him -- stick a dagger in his heart, isn't that what he said? -- Abraham took his only son up on the mountain. He was going to sacrifice him to God, showing that he believed in Islam. What does Islam mean? Obey God. Submit to God. So that this name [writes "Islam"], if you'll notice, has no connection, no association, with the death of a man. This is not a man's name, this doesn't come from a man. Buddhism is named after a man called Buddha; Confucianism is named after a man called Confucius -- right or wrong? Likewise with Judaism and Christianity. But Islam is not connected with any name. Islam is independent of any name. Islam is an act which means submit completely to God, or obey God. And when you say your religion is Islam that means you're a Muslim. So to clarify this what must you do? You must have a knowledge of history. If you don't have a knowledge of history you'll run around calling yourself a Christian when you're serving God, or you'll run around saying your religion is Judaism and you'll swear you're serving God. If your religion is Christianity you're following Christ, if your religion is Judaism you're following Judah, if your religion is Buddhism you're religion is Buddhism you're following Buddha, do you understand? And they are all dead, and if you follow them you'll die too. This is where it all leads you. Wherever your leaders go, that's what happens to you. Now we who follow The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we believe in Islam, we don't believe in Muhammad.

He teaches us the religion of Islam. Do you understand the difference? These people who follow Christ [pointing to the cross painted on the blackboard], they believe in Christ; they believe Christ is God -- Oh yes, they do -- that he was born of the Blessed Virgin, didn't have a father, was just a spirit, and then came into the world and was crucified, rose from the dead, and went up into space. They believe that, but they believe it because they don't know history. But if you notice, the Jews have a better knowledge of history than the Christians do, do they not? the Christians' history only goes back two thousand years; the history of the Jews goes back beyond four thousand years. Can you see this? And the Muslim history goes back...there is no limit to the Muslim history. If you notice, the Christians can only go back to what they call the Greek Empire. That's what they call the Occidental, the beginning of the Occident, the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, and so forth. The Jews have a knowledge of history that goes back to Egypt and Babylon. You notice how one goes has no limit. There are no chains on how far you can go back when you are a Muslim. The Christians and the Jews combined go back to whom? To Adam, and they stop right there. And they say beyond him there was nothing happening. The greater their knowledge of history is -- this has an influence on the type of religion that they accept. Do you understand?

All praise is due to Allah. Another example: What makes the royal family of Europe, or any country, differ from the peasant? Royalty knows its ancestry, royalty knows its history, this is what makes them royal. You can't have a king who can't trace his history back to his forefathers. The only way you can be king is to be born a king. If you take away his history, and he doesn't know who his forefathers were, what does he become? A peasant -- a common ordinary man. Same with the Jews and Christians. It's because the Jews have the longest record of history that they can call themselves the Chosen People. The Christians can't call themselves the Chosen People because their history is not long enough. They can't go back to the time when the choice was being made. The Hebrews, the so-called Jews, can go back so far they can lay claim to that which is actually not theirs. But the reason they can claim it is that nobody else they are dealing with can go back far enough to disprove them. Except the Muslims -- do you understand? So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's mission is to teach the so-called Negroes a knowledge of history, the history of ourselves, our own kind, showing us how we fit into prophecy, Biblical prophecy. When you go to one of the churches you will notice that it is named after some word in their Bible: Big Rock Baptist Church, or Drinking at the Well Baptist Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Union Baptist, Israel Baptist, Jacob's Ladder Baptist. They find some kind of old funny word in their Bible to name their whole religion after. Their whole doctrine is based on a verse in the Bible: "He rose."

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad bases what he teaches not on verse but on the entire book. And from beginning to end, he says, he can open up the Book and prove that the Bible agrees with him, and then use the Bible to prove that what they are teaching in the church is wrong. You know that's saying something.

For instance, he says that in Genesis, the fifteenth chapter and the thirteenth verse, just to give you an example: "And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; and also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance." Now The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that explains his teachings right there, because he teaches that the so-called Negro is the one that the Bible is talking about. Who have spent four hundred years and are strangers in a land that is not theirs? And you can't deny that we are strangers here. I don't think any of you will deny that we are strangers here. We are not in a country where we are made to feel at home. We'll put it that way. There is hardly any Negro in his right mind who can say he feels at home in America. He has to admit that he is made to feel like a stranger. Right or wrong? Well, this is what God said to Abraham would happen in this day and time. Remember, Abraham's religion was Islam. Abraham wasn't a Jew, Abraham wasn't a Christian, Abraham wasn't a Buddhist, Abraham was a Muslim, which means he obeyed God. God told him, yes. He said, your people are gong into bondage, they're going to become slaves, they're going to be afflicted, they'll be strangers in a land far from home for four hundred years. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says you and I are the seed of Abraham, we're the descendants of Abraham. Now the preacher in the church, he tells you that the Jews are the seed of Abraham. One of them is right and one of them is wrong: either Mr. Muhammad is right and the preacher is wrong, or the preacher is right and Mr. Muhammad is wrong. This is what we are putting on the line today.

Who is the seed of Abraham? Is it this blue-eyed, blond-haired, pale-skinned Jew? Or is it the so-called Negro -- you? Who is it? And what makes it so pitiful, many of our people would rather believe that the Jews are God's Chosen People than to believe that they are God's Chosen People. They would rather believe that the Jew is better than anybody else. This is a Negro. Nobody else would put everybody else above him but the Negro. I mean the American Negro. Remember, God said that the people would be strangers. The Jews aren't strangers. The Jews know their history, the Jews know their culture, the Jews know their language; they know everything there is to know about themselves. They know how to rob you, they know how to be your landlord, they know how to be your grocer, they know how to be your lawyer, they know how to join the NAACP and become the president -- right or wrong? They know how to control everything you've got. You can't say they're lost. But the poor so-called Negro, he doesn't control the NAACP, he can't control the Urban League, he can't control his own schools, he can't control his own businesses in his own community. He can't even control his own mind. He's lost and lost control of himself and gone astray.

But he fits the picture here that the Bible says concerning our people in the last day: "Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them." And you have served the white man; he hasn't served you and me. Why, the Jew hasn't served anybody here. You are the one that's serving: "And they shall afflict them four hundred years; and also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterwards shall they come out with great substance." Ofttimes when you say this to the so-called Negroes they'll come up and tell you that this is the Jew. But if you'll notice, when Jesus was talking to the Jews, way back here in John, he told them that they shall know the truth and it will make them free. The Jews popped up and said: "How are you going to say that we shall be made free? We have never been in bondage to anyone." Isn't that what the Jews told Jesus? Now look at it. If the Jews said to Jesus, two thousand years after Moses supposedly led the Hebrews out of bondage, that they had never been in bondage -- now you know the Jews had Moses' history, they knew who Moses was -- how could they stand up and tell Jesus they had never been in bondage? Not these things that you call Jews. They weren't in Egypt, they weren't the people that Moses led out of Egypt, and the Jews know this. But the Bible is written in such a tricky way, when you read it you think that Moss led the Jews out of bondage. But if you get a Jew in a good solid conversation today and you know how to talk to him, he'll have to admit this, that it wasn't out of bondage that Moses brought them -- it was out of somewhere else -- and where Moses really brought them is their secret, but, thanks to Almighty God, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad knows their secret, and he told it to us and we're going to tell it to you.

If the Bible said that God is going to judge that nation, the nation that enslaved His people, how would He keep from destroying His own people? The same Bible is a book of history and in the eighteenth chapter of the book of Deuteronomy, in the eighteenth verse, God told Moses: "I will raise them up a Prophet" -- talking about you and me -- I'll raise them up a prophet just like thee -- a prophet like Moses whose mission it would be to do for you and me the same thing that Moses did back them. It would be a prophet like Moses. In fact, when you get down to Malachi, He lets it be known that just before He comes to judge that nation, the name of the prophet or messenger whom He would send among the people would be Elijah. If says: "Before the coming of that great and dreadful day I shall send you Elijah and Elijah's job will be to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and the hearts of the fathers to the children." What does this mean, turn the hearts of the children to the fathers? The so-called Negro are childlike people -- you're like children. No matter how old you get, or how bold you get, or how wise you get, or how rich you get, or how educated you get, the white man still calls you what? "Boy!" Why, you are a child in his eyesight! And you are a child. Anytime you have to let another man set up a factory for you and you can't set up a factory for yourself, you're a child; anytime another man has to open up businesses for you and you don't know how to open up businesses for yourself and your people, you're a child; anytime another man sets up schools and you don't know how to set up your own schools, you're a child. Because a child is someone who sits around and waits for his father to do for him what he should be doing for himself, or what he's too young to do for himself, or what he is too dumb to do for himself. So the white man, knowing that here in America all the Negro has done -- I hate to say it, but it's the truth -- all you and I have done is build churches and let the white man build factories.

You and I build churches and let the white man build schools. You and I build churches and let the white man build up everything for himself. Then after you build the church you have to go and beg the white man for a job, and beg the white man for some education. Am I right or wrong? Do you see what I mean? It's too bad but it's true. And it's history. So it shows that these childlike people -- people who would be children, following after the white man -- it says in the last day that God will raise up Elijah, and Elijah's job will be to turn the hearts of these children back toward their fathers. Elijah will come and change our minds; he'll teach us something that will turn us completely around. When Elijah finds us we'll be easy to lead in the wrong direction but hard to lead in the right direction. But when Elijah gets through teaching the Lost Sheep, or the Lost People of God, he'll turn them around, he'll change their minds, he'll put a board in their back, he'll make them throw their shoulders back and stand upright like men for the first time. It says he'll turn the hearts of these children toward their fathers and the hearts of the fathers toward the children. This is something that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is doing here in America today. You and I haven't thought in terms of our forefathers. We haven't thought of our fathers. Our fathers, brothers, are back home. Our fathers are in the East. We're running around here begging the Great White Father. You never hear of black people in this country talking or speaking or thinking in terms of connecting themselves with their own kind back home. They are trying to make contact with the white man, trying to make a connection with the white man, trying to connect, trying to make a connection with a kidnapper who brought them here, trying to make a connection with, actually, the man who enslaved them. You know that's a shame -- it's pitiful -- but it's true.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that when Elijah comes, the Book says when Elijah comes, what Elijah will do is to teach these people the truth. And the truth that Elijah will teach the people would be so strong it will make all that other stuff that the preachers are talking about sound like a fairy story. Elijah will open the people's eyes up so wide that from then on a preacher won't be able to talk to them -- and this is really true. Do you know, people have come to Muhammad's Mosque and no matter whether they believed in what Mr. Muhammad was saying or not they never could go back and sit in church. This is true. What The Honorable Elijah Muhammad does is to turn on the light, and when he turns on the light it enables us to see and think for ourselves. He shows us that what the white man has taught us concerning history has actually been a distortion. He's never given you and me true facts about history, neither about himself nor about our people. You know I read a book one day called The Four Cities of Troy. You can go to the library, some libraries, and check it out. What was this based on? To show you what a liar the white man is. When I say liar: you have white people who are scientists and keep truth in their own circles, and they never let you -- they never let the masses -- know anything about this truth that they keep in the circle. They got something else that they invent and put out for the masses to believe, but they themselves keep knowledge in a circle. So in this particular book it pointed out that some archaeologists were delving in the ruins of the ancient city of Troy, and it's the practice of archaeologists to dig, so in digging down into the ruins of Troy they dug deeper than they intended to, and they ran into the ruins of another city that had been there so much longer than this city of Troy that it had gone down beneath the sands of time, and they had built this city of Troy on top of it. When these archaeologists were delving into the ruins of the ancient city they learned that there were ruins of a city more ancient than that. So they started frantically digging onto that one and dug some more until they found another one and before they got through digging they had dug down and they had discovered that civilizations in that area had been there so far back into history that at different times in history some of the cities had been destroyed, had become completely covered up with sand and dirt, until another people came along and didn't even know it was there and built another civilization on top of it. This happened four different times -to give you some idea of what the white man knows concerning the length of time man has been on this earth -- and still that white man would jump up in your face and try to make you believe that the first man was made six thousand years ago named Adam. And a lot of Negroes will want to know what you are talking about -- Adam -- that's what God called him -- God took some dirt and breathed on it and told Adam, "Come forth," and there he was. Now you know that's a shame. It's all right to believe when you were a little baby that God made a little doll out of the sand and mud and breathed on it and that was the first man. But here it is 1962 with all this information floating around in everybody's ears -- you can get it free. Why, you should open up your minds and your heads and your hearts and realize that you have been led by a lie. Today it's time to listen to nothing but naked, undiluted truth. And when you know the truth, as Jesus said: "The truth will make you free." Abraham Lincoln won't make you free. Truth will make you free. when you know the truth, you're free. Also you have your archaeologists, anthropologists, other forms of historians who agree that they don't know how long man has been on earth, but they do know that man has been on earth longer than six thousand years. They know that man was not made just six thousand years ago. They know this now but a long time ago they didn't know it. There was a time when they believed that a man had fewer ribs than a woman. You can believe that because they said that God made Eve from one of Adam's ribs -so Adam had a rib missing. And they actually ran around here believing for many years that man had one less rib, and they were shook up when they got into the science of anatomy and discovered that man -- all his ribs were there! They began to wonder then what happened in the Bible?

How long has man been here? In the Bible in the first chapter of Genesis and the twenty-sixth verse, after God had made everything else it says: "And God said, Let us make man." Let me write what God said here on the board ... Look what God said, brothers. I don't think you ever looked at this. It says: "And God said, Let us make man." The key word here is what? Yes, what does "us" mean? More than one. Who was God talking to? If God was all by Himself, no one was there but Him, who was He talking to when He said, "Let us make man"? Who was there with God who was about to help Him make this man? When God was getting ready to make the sun He didn't say, "Let us make some sun!" He said, "Let there be light." And here is the sun, a ball of fire 2,679,785 miles in circumference, 853,000 miles in diameter, 17,072 degrees hot, and God said, "Let there be," and that big ball of fire popped up there in the universe, with no help. Now you know something is wrong. It should be harder to make that than man: a huge ball of fire 2,679,785 miles in circumference, 17,072 degrees hot -- that's a whole lot of heat. And God said, "Let there be," and that just jumped up in the universe. He didn't ask for no help: "Let there be this and let there be that." He had so much power that everything He wanted came into existence; as soon as He said "be," there it was. But when He got to man something happened, someone else was there, wasn't there? That's something to think about. We let you think about it for a minute...

The white man's world is newer world than the black man's world. If this man said that they were about to make man, and he said we would make him how -- in your image -- this shows you that there's somebody there with him. "Let us make man on our image, in our likeness. Let us make him look like us. He won't be the same as we are, he'll be in our image." That's God talking, right? He's talking to somebody. You know, I'm thankful to Allah for raising up The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and making us see these things that we could never see before. The birth of the white race has always been a secret. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that the birth of the white race is shrouded in the story of Adam. The story of Adam hides the birth of the white race, and because you and I have never been taught to look into a thing and analyze a thing we took the story of Adam exactly as it was. We thought that God made a man named Adam six thousand years ago. But today The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that man, Adam, was a white man; that before Adam was made the black man was already here. The white man will even tell you that, because he refers to Adam as the first one. He refers to the Adamites as those who came from that first one. He refers to the pre-Adamites as those who were here before Adam. Right or wrong? Those people who were here before Adam. And he always refers to these people as "aborigines," which means what? BLACK FOLK! You never find a white aborigine. Aborigines are called natives, and they're always dark-skinned people. You and I are aborigines. But you don't like to be called an aborigine; you want to be called an American. Aborigine actually means, "from the beginning." It's two Latin words, "ab" meaning "from"; "origine" meaning "the beginning"; and aborigine is only the term applied to those dark-skinned people who have been on this earth since the beginning of the universe. You know that's going way back. What do you mean, since the beginning of the universe?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that, just as we pointed out a moment ago, the black man has been here a long time. He never has had a beginning. But the white man has never had a knowledge of the history of the black man. It's like a father and a son. If the father is fifty years old and the son is only ten, the father knows everything there is to know about his son because he was here before his son was born; the son only knows what has happened during his own ten years. He only knows what went on before his arrival from what his father tells him. It's the same way with the black man and the white man: the black man's been here a long time, but the white man has been here a short time. Now the white man only knows about himself, what he's been told, and he hasn't been told anything. He came to himself up in the caves of Europe, and he can't get any information that goes beyond the cave. And since you and I fell into his trap and were made deaf, dumb, and blind by him, we don't have access to any information that the white man doesn't know about. So we think that the beginning of the white man meant the beginning of everything, us too. We're not aware that we were here before he was made. Can you understand that? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that sixty-six trillion years ago -- trillion, how much is trillion? Not hundreds, not thousands, nor millions, nor billions, but sixty-six trillions years ago -- the black man was here. We have the sun which is the center of the universe; 36,000,000 miles form the sun is the planet we call Mercury, and 67,200,000 miles from the sun is the planet called Venus, and 93,000,000 miles from the sun is the planet here that you and I live on called Earth, 141,500,000 miles out here is a planet called Mars, and 483,000,000 miles from the sun is a planet called Jupiter, 886,000,000 miles from the sun is a planet called Saturn, and on down the road a piece are a couple more planets. So right here this planet that you and I live on called Earth, that rotates around the sun, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that sixty-six trillion years ago our people were living on this planet: the black man was living on this planet. But in those days it was larger than it is now, and the planet Mars, that was off here beyond it, had an effect upon our planet then in the same manner that the moon affects us today. At that time there was no moon up there. Where was the moon? The moon was down here, the moon was part of this planet, the moon and this planet were one planet, and the black man was living here then. He was a scientist, he was a wise black man. Black men have always been wise, black men have always been the wisest beings in the universe, and among these beings, black beings, there is one who is supreme; he is referred to as the Supreme Being, do you understand?

So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad tells us that a wise black scientist, sixty-six trillion years ago, began to argue with the other scientists because he wanted the people of Earth to speak a certain language, and since they wouldn't agree he wanted to destroy civilization. So this scientist drove a shaft into the center of the Earth and filled it with high explosives and set it off. He was trying to destroy civilization; he was trying to destroy the black man. But you can't destroy the black man; the black man can't destroy himself. The black man has the most powerful brain in the universe. So there is no intelligence more powerful than the intelligence of the black man. And because of this the black man can't even create thought that would destroy him. He is indestructible. You can blow up everything and the black man will still be here. You just can't get away from him, brother. So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said he filled the Earth, the planet, with high explosives and set it off, and w hen it was exploded the piece that you and I today call the moon was tossed out here into space and it rotated around the Earth. It still rotates around the Earth; it came from the Earth; it was blasted right off the Earth. And as it was blasted right o ff the Earth, it turned over and over and over and all of the water that was on it stayed with the earth. So that the piece that was blasted out there has no water on it today, and because it has no water on it it has no civilization on it, has no life on it. You can't have life where there's no water there's no life; where there's no life there's no civilization. Can you understand that? So this dead piece, called the moon by us today, turning over and over and over, lost all of its water, all of the water coming with this piece. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us that this piece, that the earth, that we remained on, shifted, dropped thirty-six thousand miles in the pocket that we remained in. And as it dropped and all of water came with it, that left a situation in which today the Earth that we now live on weighs six sextillion tons. The weight of it is six sextillion tons. And as it makes its way around the sun, the strong power of the sun's rays striking the equator causes the planet to turn on its own axis at the speed 10371/3 miles per hour. And he teaches us that the square mileage of the Earth is 196,940,000 square miles which means only 57,255,000 square miles of land stuck up out of 139,685,000 square miles of water. Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is covered with water. Part of the water that left the moon is here with the Earth. So you say since it's the natural law for water to seek its own level, why doesn't it overrun the land? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that as the Earth speeds around the sun turning on its axis 10371/3 miles per hour it creates gravity and the strong attracting power of the sun pulls on the waters of the Earth, drawing them up into the Earth's atmosphere in fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect. As this water gathers into the Earth's atmosphere it then distills and comes back to Earth. When it gets heavier than the atmosphere in which it is, it distills and comes back to the Earth in the form of water, rain, hail, or snow. All of the water that you see coming out of the sky went up into the sky. Everything that's coming down on the Earth got up there by leaving the Earth. Do you understand? And he teaches us that it comes back down in the form of hail or rain or snow or whatever else you have, depending upon the temperature of the current atmosphere that it was in. He says that at night the gravitational pull of the moon takes over, and, because the power of the moon is not as great as that of the sun, once the attracting power o f the sun is absent at night the moon takes over, but since it can't pull the waters up like the sun does, it still has that magnetic pull and it causes the waves that you see out there on the ocean to churn. It is the moon that does that; the moon makes the waves go up and down. It never lets them level out. If they leveled out the water would overrun the land. It also causes the shifting of the tide. This is the pull of the moon upon the waters of the Earth. If it weren't for the attracting powers of the sun and the moon upon the Earth, the waters would overrun the land and drown out civilization. All of this was done by man himself, not some Mystery God. A black man set this up. And you and I have been running around in the trap that the white man put us in, thinking that the only one who can do anything is a Mystery God and what the Mystery God doesn't do the white man does.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that all the time that this was going on there was no white man. The white man was nowhere on the scene. He says that when the moon was blasted away and we came along with the Earth, one tribe was in fact destroyed. Prior to the time that the explosion took place there were thirteen tribes. In the explosion set off sixty-six trillion years ago the thirteenth tribe was destroyed and then all of the time down through the wheel of time since then there were twelve tribes until six thousand years ago. And six thousand years ago, a scientist named Yacub created another tribe on this Earth.

Understand, prior to the time the explosion took place, there were thirteen tribes, but the thirteenth tribe was destroyed in that explosion and then six thousand years ago another tribe came on the scene. It was made different from all of the twelve tribes that were here when it arrived. A new tribe, a weak tribe, a wicked tribe, a devilish tribe, a diabolical tribe, a tribe that is devilish by nature. So that before they got on the scene, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that when we came with the Earth, the oldest city on the Earth is the Holy City, Mecca, in Arabia. Mecca is the oldest city on Earth. Mecca is the city that is forbidden. No one can go there but the black man. No one can go there but the Muslims. No one can go there but the believer. No one can go there but the righteous. And at Mecca are kept the records of history that go on back to the beginning of time. He says that fifty thousand years ago another scientist named Shabazz became angry with the scientists of his day. He wanted to bring about a tougher people. He wanted the people to undergo a form of life that would make them tough and hard, and the other scientists wouldn't agree with him. So this scientist named Shabazz took his family and wandered down into the jungles of Africa. Prior to that time no one lived in the jungles of Africa. Our people were soft; they were black but they were soft and delicate, fine. They had straight hair. Right here on this Earth you find some of them look like that today. They are black as night, but their hair is like silk, and originally all our people had that kind of hair. But this scientist took his family down into the jungles of Africa, and living in the open, living a jungle life, eating all kinds of food had an effect on the appearance of our people. Actually living in the rough climate, our hair became stiff, like it is now. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that the only hair that the black man has today that looks now like it looked prior to fifty thousand years ago is your and my eyebrows. Right here, you notice, all Negroes has straight -- I don't care how nappy their hair is -- they have straight eyebrows. When you see a nappy-hair-eyebrowed Negro [chuckle] you got somebody. But all of this took place back in history, and everything The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches is based on history. Now then, where does this white man come in?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that the wise black man who was a master of science never wrote his history like it is written today, of the past. The wise black man in that day wrote his history in the future. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that the circumference of the Earth is 24,896 miles, approximately 25,000 miles. So when he says the wise black man of the East writes history a year of every mile, he writes history to last for 25,000 years -- not in the past, but in the future. He says that on this Earth there are wise black men who can tune in and tell what's going to happen in the future just as clear -- they can see ahead just as clear -- as they can see in the past. And every 25,000 years he says that civilization reaches its peak, or reaches its perfection. At this time the wise black man can hear a pin drop anywhere on the planet Earth. And they sit down and write history to last for 25,000 years. After this history expires they put it in a vault at the Holy City, Mecca, and write a new history. This has been going on and on and on. So, in the year one of the cycle in which we now live, he says that in the East there are twenty-four wise men. They're spoken of in the Bible as twenty-four elders or twenty-four prophets or twenty-four scientists or twenty-four imams. Twelve of them are major and twelve of them are minor. So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that these twenty-three men are called together by this one, which makes twenty-four. And these twenty-four, these twenty-three presided over by the twenty-fourth, are spoken of in the Book of Revelation where John said he had a vision in heaven where there was a throne, and around the throne were twenty-four seats and on the seats sat twenty-four elders. These twenty -four elders are called angels. They are actually twenty-four wise black men who live right here on this Earth, but no one knows who they are. At the end of every 25,000 years this one calls all of them into conference, and they sit down at the Holy City, Mecca, and he informs them that the history of the past 25,000 years has expired and it's time to write a new history. So these twenty-four, these scientists, begin to tune in on the population of the planet Earth and he says that back in his day -- at that time there were five billion people on this Earth -- all of them black, not a white man in sight -- so he says that when these twenty-four scientists begin to tune in, they look down through the wheel of time. they can tell not only what the people on this Earth are thinking, but they can tell what their children are thinking, what the unborn children's children are thinking. They can look right down through the wheel of time and tell minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, week-by-week, monthly-by-month, year-by-year, for 25,000 years exactly what is going to take place. And they discovered that in the year 8400 to come it would register that among five billion black people, seventy percent would be satisfied and thirty percent would be dissatisfied. And out of that thirty percent would be born a wise black scientist name Yacub, and Yacub would teach among these thirty percent dissatisfied form whom he would come, and create a new race, start a new world, and a new civilization that would rule this Earth for six thousand years to come. So they brought these findings back to the king and they were put in a book. And by the way, that which is written to last 25,000 years is called the Holy Koran.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that this was put into the history and then when the year 8,400 came, Yacub was born. When Yacub reached the age of six years he was playing in the sand one day with two pieces of metal, two pieces of steel, at which time he discovered what is known as the law of magnetism: that unlike attracts and like repels. Two objects that are alike repel each other like two women repel each other, but man and woman attract each other. Unlike attracts and like repels. Yacub discovered this. So Yacub knew that all he had to do was make a man unlike any other man on this Earth and because he would be different he would attract all other people. Then he could teach this man a science call tricknology, which is a science of tricks and lies, and this weak man would be able to use that science to trick and rob and rule the world. So Yacub turned to his uncle and said, "When I grow up I'm going to make a man who will rule you." And Yacub's uncle said,"What can you make other than that which will cause bloodshed and wickedness in the land?" And Yacub pointed to his head and said,"I know that which you know not." Yacub was born with a determined idea to make this man because it had been predicted 8400 years prior to his birth that he would be born to do this work. So he was born with this idea in him, and when his uncle realized that this was he about whom it had been prophesied his uncle submitted. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Yacub went to school in the East; he studied the astronomical sciences, mathematical sciences, and the germination of man. He discovered that in the black man there are two germs. In the black man there's a brown man. In the black man, or the black germ, which is a strong germ, there's a weak germ, a brown germ. Yacub was the first one to discover this and Yacub knew that by separating that brown one from the black one, and then by grafting the brown one from the black one so that it became lighter and lighter, it would eventually reach it s lightest stage which is known as white. And when it got to that stage it would be weak, and because it was weak it would be susceptible to wickedness. And then Yacub could take that weak man that he made and teach him how to lie and rob and cheat and thereby become the ruler of all the rest of the world.

So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that Yacub began to preach at the age of sixteen. He began to preach all over Arabia in the East. He preached among the thirty percent who were dissatisfied and got many of them to follow him. As they began to listen to Yacub's teachings and believe them, his teachings spread, his followers grew, and it created confusion in the land. So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that so much confusion came into existence over there that they threw Yacub's followers in jail, and as fast as they would throw them in jail they taught more people. So the teachings spread in jail. Finally Yacub was put in jail, under an alias. And one day, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says, the thing began to get out of hand and the authorities went to the king and told him that they couldn't control these people, but that they had the leader of the people in jail right now, and the king said, "Take me to him."

And when the king went to the jail where Yacub was, he greeted Yacub with "As-Salaam-Alaikum, Mr. Yacub" -- I know you're Mr. Yacub -- and Yacub said, "Wa-Alaikum-Salaam" -- I am Yacub! And the king said, "Look, I came to make an agreement with you. I know that you are the one that it is written or predicted would be on the scene in this day and would create a new race, and there is nothing we can do to stop you. But in order for us to have peace we want to make an agreement with you. In order to stop the confusion and for there to be some peace in the land, we want you to agree to take all who will follow you and exile yourselves out on an island in the Aegean Sea."

Yacub told them, "I'll go. But you've got to give me everything that I will need to bring into existence a new civilization. You've got to give me everything I'll need. You've got to supply me with everything I need for the next twenty years." And The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that the king agreed with Yacub, the government of that day agreed to supply Yacub and his followers with everything they needed for twenty years. And he says that he gets this from the Bible where it says Jacob wrestled with the angel. Jacob was Yacub, and the angel that Jacob wrestled with wasn't God, it was the government of that day. "Angel only means "a power," or somebody with power. When a man has his wings clipped, you say that he has lost his power, lost his position. So wings only mean a position of power entrapped him. So when it says Jacob wrestled with an angel,"angel" is only used as a symbol to hide the one he was really wrestling with. Jacob was wrestling with the government of that day. He made the government of that day give him everything he needed to last him and his followers for twenty years, just like The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is telling the government of this day that they've got to give us everything that we need in our own separate territory to last us for twenty to twenty-five years. You say, well, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that Yacub agreed, the government agreed, Yacub took all of his followers down to the sea. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that Yacub took 59,999 of his followers down to the seaside, with himself making 60,000. He piled them in boats and took them out to an island in the Aegean Sea called Pelan. In the Bible it's called Patmos. When you read in the Book of Revelation where John, on the island of Patmos, heard the word of the Lord, that is Yacub. What was John doing on the island of Patmos? John was Yacub. John was out there getting ready to make a new race, he said, for the word of the Lord. What was the word of the Lord? The word was that in the year 8,400 a new man would be made, a new race world be made. And when Yacub and his followers got out there his followers realized that Yacub was wiser than any man of his day, and they recognized him as a god; he was a god to them. So when you get to the place in the Bible where it says, "And God said, 'Let us make man,'" that was Yacub too, not the Supreme Being. It wasn't the Supreme Being who made the sun who said, "Let us make man." When the Supreme Being made the sun he said, "Let t here be light." He said He was supreme, He was independent, He needed no help, no associates. But when it came to making a man, that god said, "Let us make man." He didn't speak with independence, because there were two different gods. God the Supreme Being made the light. His word is "be"; that's how He makes things. But Yacub, who was lesser god, said to 59,999 of his followers, "Let us make man, let us make a man in our image, in our likeness. We're going to make a white man." It was Yacub talking: "Make him in our image and in our likeness, and give him dominion over the fowl of the air and the fish of the sea and the creatures of the land. And we'll call him Adam." It's only a name for the white man. The white man has taken mastery over the air, his airplanes rule the sky, his submarines and ships rule the sea, his armies rule the land. This was the man that was made six thousand years ago and the purpose for making him was so he could rule the world for six thousand years. That's the white man.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that first thing Yacub did was to get his ministers, doctors, nurses, and cremators together. He gave them the laws because he had to set up a birth control law. He told the doctors whenever two black ones come to him to get married to stick a needle in their veins, take some blood, and go back and tell them that their blood doesn't match so that they can't marry. He also said when a black one and a brown one come, let them get married, or if two brown ones come let them get married. Then he told the nurse nine months after they're married, when you're ready to deliver their child, if it's a black child, put a needle in its brain and feed it to a wild animal or give it to the cremator. Let it be destroyed. But if it's a brown child, take that child to the mother and tell her that this is going to be a great man when he grows up because he's lighter than the others. Tell her that the child you destroyed was an angel baby and it went up to heaven to prepare a place for her when she dies. Same old lie they tell you today -- when a little baby dies he goes to the same place a man goes when he dies -- right down into the ground. Is that right or wrong? So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that Yacub right there set up his birth control law. Within two hundred years they had killed off all of the black babies on the island. Everything black on the island had been destroyed. And then Yacub only lived 150 years. But he left laws and rules and regulations behind, for his followers to go by. And after they had destroyed all of the black on the island of Pelan, they began to work on the brown germ. They saved the yellow and destroyed the brown, because you see in the black there's brown and in the brown there's yellow. Can you see how it goes? The darkest one always has a lighter one in it. So in the black man there's a brown man, in the brown man there's a yellow man, in the yellow man there's what? A white man. Oh yes. Getting weaker all the time. So it took two hundred years to destroy the black. And then they worked on the brown for two hundred years. And in two hundred years all the brown was destroyed and all they had on the island of Pelan was a yellow or mulatto-looking civilization. And then they went to work on it and began to destroy it. So that after six hundred years of destruction on the island of Pelan, they had grafted away the black, grafted away the brown, grafted away the yellow, so that all they had left was a pale-skinned, blue-eyed, blonde-haired thing that you call a man. But actually the Bible calls him the devil. That's the devil that the Bible is talking about: old Lucifer, Satan, or the serpent. Because the lighter they got, the weaker they got. As they began to get lighter and lighter they grow weaker and weaker. Their blood became weaker, their bones became weaker, their minds became weaker, their morals became weaker. They became a wicked race; by nature wicked. Why by nature?

The Book says concerning the devil : "He was conceived in inequity and born in sin." What does this mean? At the outset the nurses had to kill the little black babies, but after a while it got so that the mother, having been brainwashed, hated that black one so much she killed it herself. Killed it herself, and saved the light one. And right on down for six hundred years. In order for the white one to come into existence, the darker one was always murdered, murdered, MURDERED! this went right in to the nature of the child that was being born. The mother wanted a light baby when the child was being conceived. This went right into the baby. The mother hated black when the child was being conceived. this went right into the baby. So that at the end of the six hundred years, after planting the seed of inequity right into the brain, right into the mind, right into the heart, right into the nature of these people, by the time they got the white man, they had someone who by nature hated everything that was darker than he was. Why, they had to murder off the black to get to the brown. They had to murder off the brown to get to the yellow. They had to murder off the black, brown, and yellow in order to get to the white. And right to this very day the white man by nature wants to murder off the black, brown, and yellow. You don't have to teach him to kill the black man. He does it for sport. He does it for kicks. he does it because it's his nature to do it. Do you understand that?

So in six hundred years now they got a devil in the scene, a blue-eyed devil, bond-haired. Oh yes, they were out here on the island of Pelan. Yacub was dead. Yacub was their father but he never saw them. They never saw him. Yacub was their god. When the Bible says no man has seen God, that's what it means. No white man has seen their god. None of them saw Yacub because Yacub only lived to be 150 years old. This doesn't mean that no man can see God the Supreme Being. Why, the Book of Revelation says when He comes every eye will see Him. So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says after these devils got grafted -- now we're not going to call them white any more. We call them what they are. White, that's their color, but devil, that's what they are. These aren't white people. You're not using the right language when you say the white man. You call it the devil. When you call him the devil you're calling him by his name -- serpent; another name -- snake; another name -- beast. All these names are in the Bible for the white man. Another name -- Pharaoh; another name -- Caesar; another name -- France; French; Frenchman; Englishman; American; all those are just names for the devil.

So after they were out there six hundred years, after they were made and grafted and Yacub was dead, then they packed up their bags and made it back to civilization. Yacub had left them some laws to go by. He left them a science called "tricknology" : how to divide and conquer. Yacub told these people in his book : "All you got to do to take over the world is lie. Go back among the black people. Take your woman and send her to the black man's woman and let her lie about the neighbor across the street. And then send another woman to that woman to lie on this woman to that woman. And when they get through spreading those lies and they all started fighting and killing one another, you tell them to let you be the mediator." This is the trick the white man used. It all comes from Yacub. You see, he's an underdog. He's a minority, and the only way a minority can rule a majority is to divide the majority. This is the trick that the white man was born to execute among dark mankind here on this Earth. Yacub said, "When you go back among them, lie about them to each other, and when they start fighting, ask them to let you be the mediator. And as soon as you become the mediator then you're the boss." The white man has done this trick everywhere. Here in America to the Indians. He sent one priest to the Indians in New York and another priest to the Indians in Pennsylvania and both of them would tell lies to both Indians, and the Indians who had never been at war with each other would start beating the tom-toms, the war drums, and then as they got ready to fight the priest would rum in and say, "Let me be the mediator."

So he told the New York Indians, you just move out to Minnesota; and the Pennsylvania Indians, you move out to Oklahoma. That would leave the whole states of New York and Pennsylvania for the white man. You see how he does it? He's all over the world. He's a mediator. He's an instigator and a mediator. he instigates division and dissension and as soon as they start fighting one another he says, "OK, I'll settle it." if you don't think so look all over the world right now. Every place on this earth you have a division: South Korea-North Korea, South Vietnam-North Vietnam. Right or wrong? He is the one that makes this decision. he doesn't let anybody get together, but when it comes to his kind he's united. United States means all white people are united. United States of Europe, or European Common Market -- they want to get together. But when you start talking about a United States of Asia, or a United States of Africa, why he says,"Oh no, too many different languages [chuckle]. You all don't have anything in common." You see how he does it? He always discourages unity among others but he encourages unity among his own kind. "United We Stand," that doesn't mean you. That means the white man. The white man it the one who stands united.

So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that these devils went back into Arabia. When they got there they started telling lies, started confusion, and in six months' time they had turned heaven into hell. Oh yeah, they had so much fighting going on among our people, brother, it became hell. We never did fight each other; we loved each other, we were in harmony with each other. And when these devils came back into our midst they turned our paradise into a hell. So it was taken to the king and the king looked into the book and said, "Why, these are Yacub's people." He said, "They were made to do what they're doing and the only way to have peace is to get rid of all of them. Put them all to death." So the king gave the order for all of the devils to be rounded up. And by devils I mean all those blue-eyed, blond-haired, white things. He gave orders for them to be rounded up there in the East, and they were rounded up. They were rounded up and taken down to the edge of the Arabian Desert. They were stripped naked, stripped of everything except their language. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that we put lambskin aprons around their waists to hide their nakedness. We put them in chains and marched them across the hot sands of the Arabian Desert . This is what the black man did to the white man, brothers. This is what the gods did to the devils. Actually, if you think I don't know what I'm talking about, those of you who are Masons, you go through this and don't understand it. When you go in , they put a lambskin apron around your waist. They put you in what's called the "cable tow." Right or wrong? And then they make you jump up and down on an electric mat. Make you take off your shoes and put the juice in the mat and make you jump up and down. Why? What are they getting at? That's all a sign of what happened to the white man six thousand years ago. It just doesn't have anything to do with you, but you're supposed to be walking on hot sands when you jump up and down. Right or wrong? You've all been in some of that stuff. They tell you that's crossing the hot sand. And if you walk up to a Negro Mason and you ask him, "When you crossed the hot sand were you walking or riding?" he'll say, "I was walking." He's a fool. Because he was riding. He was riding horseback. He was riding on a camel. It was the white man that was in chains. It was the white man that had the apron around him. It was the white man that was walking the white sand. We walked them at high noon. We wouldn't even let them walk at night. We stopped at night. And you know how hot the sun and the sands are in Arabia. We expected the white man to die when we were running him out of the East. But that fool lived, brother [chuckle]. He lived. A lot of them died on the desert. And I might come back -- all of this is tied up in the Masonic ritual. When a man gets initiated into the higher degrees of that order he goes through this. They put on the chains, they put on the aprons, and they darken him up and pretend to be driving him across. Then when he gets up to the top order in those degrees, they tell him what it means. The white man, they tell the white man what it means; a white Shriner, a white Mason, what it means. A Negro never learns what it means. But it actually points back toward the time when the white man, who is the devil, or Adam, as they say, was cast out of the Garden. When the Bible says Adam sinned and was cast out of the Garden, this is what is meant. And an angel was put at the East gate to keep him from coming back in. When the white man was run out of the East by the Muslims six thousand years ago into the caves of Europe, the people called Turks were put there at the Straits of the Dardanelles, with swords, and any old devil that they caught trying to come back across the water - WHOP! - off went his head. The Book tells you that the angel had a flaming sword, and any time any of them tried to come back across they were put to death.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that the white man went down into the caves of Europe and he lived there for two thousand years on all fours. Within one thousand years after he had gotten there he was on all fours, couldn't stand upright. You watch an old cracker today. Crackers don't walk upright like black people do. Every time you look at them, they're about to go down on all fours. But those who have had some education, they straighten up a little bit because they're taught how to straighten up. But a black man can be the most dumb, illiterate thing you can find anywhere, and he still walks like a million dollars because by nature he's upright, by nature he stands up. But a white man has to be stood up. You have to put a white man on the square. But the black is born on the square.

Can we prove it? Yes. You notice in the East, dark people carry things on their heads, don't they? Just throw it up there and walk with it, showing you they have perfect poise, perfect balance. It just comes natural to them. You and I lost our poise. We, you, can't even wear a hat on your head, hardly, today [chuckle]. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that within one thousand years after the white people were up in the caves they were on all fours. And they were living in the outdoors where it's cold, just as cold over there as it is outside right now. They didn't have clothes. So by being out there in the cold their hair got longer and longer. Hair grew all over their bodies. By being on all fours, the end of their spine begin to grow. They grew a little tail that came out from the end of their spine...Oh yes, this was the white man, brother, up in the caves of Europe. He had a tail that long. You ever notice that anything that walks on all fours has a tail? That which straightens up doesn't have a tail, because when you get down, you see, you just make that spine come right on out. And just like a dog, he was crawling around up there. He was hairy as a dog. He had a tail like a dog. He had a smell like a dog. And nothing could get along with him but another dog. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that all the beasts up in Europe wanted to kill the white man. Yeah, they tried to kill the white man. They were after the white man. They hated the white man. So, he says, what the white man would do, he'd dig a hole in the hill, that was his cave. And his mother and his daughter and his wife would all be in there with the dog. The only thing that made friends with the white man was the dog. Everything else hated him. He'd sit outside of the cave at night in a tree with rocks in his hand, and if any beast came up and tried to get in the cave at his family, he'd throw rocks at it, or he'd have a club that he'd swing down and try to drive it away with it. But the dog stayed in the cave with his family. It was then that the dog and the white man amalgamated. The white woman went with the dog while they were living in the caves of Europe. And right to this very day the white woman will tell you there is nothing she loves better than a dog. They tell you that a dog is a man's best friend. They lived in that cave with those dogs and right now they got that dog smell. They got that dog...they are dog lovers. A dog can get in a white man's house and eat at his table, lick out of his plate. They'll kiss the dog right on the nose and think nothing of it. You're not a dog kisser. You don't see black people kissing or rubbing noses with dogs. But little white children will hug dogs and kiss dogs and eat with dogs. Am I right or wrong? You -- all have been inside their kitchens cooling their food, and making their beds, you know how they live. The dog will live right in the white man's house, better than you can; you try and break your way in there and they'll put a rope around your neck [chuckle], but the dog has got free run of the whole house. He's the white man's best friend.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that they lived up there for two thousand years, and at the end of two thousand years the scientists in the East, realizing that it was originally predestined that the white race would rule for six thousand years, and that they already lost two thousand years in the caves of Europe, sent a prophet up there, form Mecca, to teach the white race, the race of devils, how to become civilized again, and become upright, and come back and rule the way they had originally been meant to. The name of that prophet was Moses. Moses never went down into Egypt. Moses went into the caves of Europe and civilized the white man. It was Moses who raised the devil from a dead level to a perpendicular and placed him on the square. Moses taught the white man how to cook his food. Moses taught the white man how to build a house for himself. He taught the white man also some of the tricknology that Yacub had originally meant for him, and it was Moses who put the white man back on the road toward civilization. He told him that he was supposed to rule for six thousand years, but that much of the time had already been lost, and at the end of time one would come who would destroy the whole white race. Moses taught them this. And this is why when the Jews, two thousand years later, were looking for the Messiah, they thought that Jesus was the Messiah and they put him to death because they knew when the Messiah came he was going to destroy that whole race of devils. The Jews knew this, so they put him to death thinking that they could stop him from destroying them. But actually, they made a mistake because Jesus two thousand years ago wasn't the Messiah. Their time wasn't up two thousand years ago. Their time would not be up until two thousand years later, the day and time that we're living in right now.

So, brothers and sisters, my time has expired. I just wanted to point out that the white man, a race of devils, was made six thousand years ago. This doesn't mean to tell you that this implies any kind of hate. They're just a race of devils. They were made six thousand years ago, they were made to rule for six thousand years, and their time expired in the year 19914. The only reason God didn't remove them then was because you and I were here in their clutches and God gave them an extension of time -- not them an extension of time, but they received an extension of time to give the wise men of the East the opportunity to get into this House of Bondage and "awaken" the Lost Sheep. Once the American so-called Negroes have been awakened to a knowledge of themselves and of their own God and of the white man, then they're on their own. Then it'll be left up to you and me whether we want to integrate into this wicked race or leave them and separate and go to our own. And if we integrate we'll be destroyed along with them. If we separate then we have a chance for salvation. So on then note, in the name of Allah, and His Messenger The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I bring my talk to a close, "As-Salaam Alaikum."

With your hands outstretched in this manner, follow silently in the closing Muslim prayer: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, The Beneficent, the Merciful, Master of this Day of Judgment in which we now live, Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for thine aid. Guide us on the right path, The path upon which Thou hast bestowed favors, Not the path upon which Thy wrath is brought down Nor of those who go astray after they have heard Thy teaching Say : He Allah is one God Allah is He upon whom nothing is independent but Upon whom we all depend He neither begets nor is He begotten and none is like Him. I bear witness there is none to be served but Allah, And I bear witness that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is His True Servant and Last Apostle...Amen.




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The Department of Supreme Wisdom


1. The Mother Plane is made of the finest steel in Asia. 

2. It was made on the island of Nippon (Japan), in 1929, and also took flight that same year. 

3. Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow Scientists built the Mother Plane. 

4. The Scientists did not know what they were building. 

5. Her size is Half-mile by Half-mile square. 

6. Her shape is oval. 

7. Her speed is up to 9,000 miles per hour. 

8. Her flying ability is nine thousand (9,000) miles per hour in any direction,  without making a complete directional turn. 

9. Her contents are 1,500 small circular planes, as the devil calls them, “FLYING SAUCERS.” 

10. These small planes carry three (3) bombs each; they also shoot flames of fire. 

11. The Blackmen who pilot these small planes have been taught from the age of six that they are to do a special job. 

12. These pilots can hit any spot in America, blindfolded, as the Devil  will soon see. 

13. The bombs that the small planes contain weigh two tons each. 

14. They are designed to drill into the Earth upon contact, and drill from one (1) to six (6) miles through stone and rock, and to explode, destroying civilization or any living matter (or life)  within a fifty (50) mile radius. 

15. After these bombs explode, a poisonous gas is found to snuff out the remaining life, if any still exists. 

16. The purpose of the Mother Plane is to destroy the most wicked place ever to be on the Planet Earth at any time (America), the Great Mystery Babylon. 

17. Her position is 40 miles out from the Earth’s sphere.

18. She holds this position from 6 to 12 months at a time. When this time is up, the Mother Plane comes into the atmosphere of the Earth; it projects huge suction pipes out into the atmosphere to take in fresh air for our Brothers inside, then she retakes her position. 

19. At the dropping of the bombs, the flames will reach twelve (12)  miles in all directions. 

20. When the Destruction comes, America will burn 390 years and take 610 years to cool off. The Great Mystery Babylon (America) will perish in the flames of fire.   Allah will even cause the air which we breathe to ignite along with the atmosphere.  Every atom will burn in and over America from a height of twelve (12) miles, down.  The country of America will be littered with leaflets from the sky,  with readings like this: 

“You have from eight (8) to ten (10) days to return unto your own. The time of this world is at hand.”  The leaflets will be written in both English and Arabic, so God (Allah) taught me.  After the warning from the sky will follow total destruction by the intense heat of fire.  And you such people who love America, where lying, drinking, gambling, raping, lynching, burning, stealing, robbing, disrespect of person and persons, nail-painting, face-painting, swine-eating, public nude resorts, nude colonies, nudie newspapers and magazines, nude Church-goers, and profane language, will serve as fuel for the fire. For I declare by Him Who Made the Sun, Moon, and Stars and the Habitable Earth for His Home. By Whom everything was Created and Himself not Created, from infinite eternity, Allah is His Name and He Will destroy every Christian from the face of the Earth in the near future. 

COMMENT: Again, the key words “Flying roll” appear which is an adequate description for the scout ships (Circular Planes) that are aboard the Mother Ship. The ignorant will say that the second verse should be taken on face value. But this is impossible, since the measurements of this “flying roll” is given by the prophet: “…the length thereof is twenty (20) cubits.” (Note: one (1) cubit is an ancient linear measure of about 18 inches, according to the dictionary). Since one (1) cubit is 18 inches, (20) cubits equals 360 inches, or thirty (30) feet,  which is the length of this “Flying Roll.” “…and the breadth thereof is ten (10) cubits;” ends the second verse. Ten cubits equal 180 inches (15) feet which is the width of this “Flying Roll.”

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By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

"Take for example, a new born baby.  Many times its beauty lasts for just a short while and then passes away with its growth.  Even in our late twenties and early thirties -- because of the life that we live and the frequent eating of poison food -- Our beautiful appearance begins to pass from us so rapidly until by our forties and fifties, it is nearly completely gone." -- How to Eat to Live, Book Two, page 14 (1972).

"But children should not be forced to fast or to eat once a day or once every other day.   Children and babies should eat at least twice a day."  -- How to Eat to Live, Book Two, page 31 (1972).

"And you diabetics, eat only one meal a day.  Stay away from that starchy food and sugar if you are diabetic, and you won't have to get a Doctor to pour insulin and other medicine into you to BALANCE your life.  All that I have said in this book I have experienced myself." -- How to Eat to Live, Book One, page 66 (1967).

*(1933 Letter from Master Fard Muhammad to Messenger Elijah Muhammad)

Mr. E. Mohammed

The Minister of Islam

Detroit, Michigan

North America

Dear Brother:

Here is a few line to let you Know that I have received both of your letters one return mail and the other regular, also one from Kallatt; I have been just getting over the terrible mistake and unofficial movements that you been taken not only one that you went to Birmingham but different time you have done minus things with out saying any thing before. I have numbers of records of charges against you; but I not brought them to enforce knowing you have taken these steps with good attentions. NOW MY DEAR BELOVED BROTHER, I will tell you again and again you have heard me from time to time that must not under take the labor of Islam unless you do know it 100%; This is why I am here to guide you to the right road, you must always tell me other you will not be successful. It is true that you can use the wisdom but remember you are the wise and is in the mouth of the lion in his cave or civilization without any right in regards to the rules and regulations for practicing your profession in this cave civilization in first place you have no business being here but since you are here long way from home and your kind and are in the cave of savage you must use your wisdom with care, other this savage will peice you in two; The law of nature will not allow a man to run the home of another man, so be clear on this and use your wisdom with care; I will tell you to get out on the street and on the top of all the high building, yell out you wisdom when the time come, the time is not ripe yet, how many time have I told you this? Are you wasting my valuable moments on the same things over and over; My movements time and hours are limited and are for the dead nation, so you be aware not to rob the dead and your ???

You keep this letter and present to me when I see you and I will read for you and explain to you, I know you going to ask 1000 un-valuable question but write them down and present to me when I see you get on the labor now and study your assignment. See that you master your history all of the form all of the problems. All every thing I left you is to be dug out and study; Problem 31 should clear you of the mystery that you all long for but your wisdom and keep all to your self. Now right along with your study you can go over to Chicago unexpected do not tell no one where you going or when you going excepting Kallatt Mohammed, give them a lecture and run over to MILWAUKEE at 8th and Center St. inquire about Mr. Joe Bey, many semellers around there and ask to have a special meeting for you, give them a lecture or two and go back to Evanston and ask for Mr. Brown. Try to get aquaited there and start a station there; you may promise some Ice Maker a big bone and get in with him and start arising the dead, With your wisdom you easily do this, but have patient; just look at me. I have all the hard luck and confronting more hard luck cause by my own people; Don’t you see they are poison by the devil and so badly poison that they can’t see me walking among them every day and eating with them give them Knowledge to compare with any body in the world and they are still in doubt. How many you want me to pick out each time when you have meeting; be wise and take lots of graveness for you are dealing with babies There will be time when they all will know you then your happiness will be give, Now I go back to my subject; Then from Evanston you can round Chicago again unexpected then home, stop in these little towns on your way home and leave little wisdom everywhere get around and get aquainted caravan the territory between your home and Milwaukee start stations every where you can St. Louis and Kansas City will be your territory too but at present you can master the above said and later I will tell you when to there; about your labor working the problems, you are doing fine; you may consult one of the Teachers on beginning and forming your figures, the distance of Platoon is given in one of the problems Light travel 186,000 miles per second and the sun is 93,000,000 miles from the Earth Then if you divide the traveling speed in to the distance it shall give you the time to strike the Earth. Ha! Ha! this is good one for you, I shall have big time with you when I see you; but now do not be bashfull to study, for the wise always go to the bottom to secure real cure: Write to me every day and tell me all about your study, My best wishes to you and family all the labors and 17,000,000 I am going with you, from W.D. Fard



WHEN: THURSDAY, FEBRARY 26, 2015 [15,100 Asiatic Year]


TIME: 4 PM to 7 PM


HOST: "THE FLOOD DID NOT TAKE US AWAY." by Brother Minister Al-Muntaquin Ali.

GUST SPEAKER: "EVERY DAY IS OUR SAVIOUR'S DAY." by Brother Minister Alif Allah.

"Glory has many obstacles. We are tried by many things. We have a hard way getting back home, as we did leaving home. But we want to say to you that this is NOT our Saviour's Day as we CALL IT by BIRTH, but it is our Saviour's Day because EVERY DAY is OUR SAVIOUR'S DAY!" by Messenger Elijah Muhammad, (Our Saviour Has Arrived, page 29)


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"The white people do not worship any day belonging to Black people.  Why should you worship their days...." by Messenger Elijah Muhammad, (Our Saviour Has Arrived, page 165) 2/26/1974.

The Grievousness Of War

By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

November 17, 1956

"Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea, on account of what the hands of men have wrought" (Holy Qur'an, 30:41).

"The prevailing corruption is everywhere on account of men's own evil doings. Their hands have built their own doom and never before has such prophecy been fulfilled any clearer than today.  If we take the spiritual side of the above verse from the Holy Qur'an, 30:41, we will find that it is equally true. The world today is so evil and corrupted that people do not pay any attention to the preaching of good. Their whole hearts, minds and souls are going after evil and bloodshed of each other.

No peace among them, hatred and disagreement are universal. A change of ruler-ship must take place in order to save the nations from self-destruction. They have corrupted the land and sea with all kinds of deadly arms; weapons of destruction which their own hands have built.  They delight greatly in war and not in peace. Who then can enjoy peace in the midst of such a mad world? Who can be trusted? The alarm of war is heard and possibly designed to wipe mankind from the f ace of the earth. The land is charged with every type of man-made weapons of destruction of each other's lives.

The sea, he has filled with deadly surface ships and undersea crafts (submarines). The sky has been filled with planes loaded with death to drop on his fellowman. Yet they say PEACE. Where is any peace with such evil forces free to spread death and destruction on the poor innocent human beings of the earth? They glory in killing and are not satisfied with the prosperity they have enjoyed. Their thanks to God is to destroy His people. This evil people have worked all of their lives making trouble, causing bloodshed among the peaceful people of the earth and themselves.  Their greed in ruling the black people of the earth is unequaled. They send all their armed forces against you to make you bow to their rule. Even in your own home they want to rule according to their desire and not to yours, although it is your HOME.  Once they have access to enter your house, they will go to war with you before they will leave in peace. They will take over your property and call it theirs. "Allah will scatter them who delight in war." - (Psalm 69:30).

Let the world ponder - what does history show that the white man can call his own outside of Europe? However, they spread out and over into the homes of black mankind of the earth, taking by armed force, the black people's home and making slaves of them for many centuries.  The day has arrived and the time is at hand.  Every man to his own. It is the days of Allah (God), and the people of peace must have peace.  The troublemakers must be punished and brought to an end so they will never be able to give trouble anymore.

Many shall suffer because of the corruption that this world has brought and is bringing upon innocent people.

Let not your flight be in  the winter.  War throws people out of homes; it is a grievous thing. A Holy  War is to be  dreaded.

Oh, my people, fly to Allah and the true religion, Islam.  Get out of the names and religion of this wicked-trouble-making people for Allah (God) will destroy them with their own hands. I am very much concerned over my people in America for they know not that this is the time of trouble.

Join and send in your names...."  --    

And Mix Not Up The Truth With Falsehood,

Nor Hide The Truth While You Know

(Holy Qur'an 2:42)

By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

March 9, 1957

The Holy Qur'an is a great book when it is understood. The above verse warns against mixing truth with falsehood, as it is the policy of the Devils. But, nearly all the religious leaders of Christianity are guilty of mixing up the divine truth with falsehood. They are really confused, thinking and planning against the truth, trying to hide falsehood. They mixed up the truth of the Bible so much that today they admit someone has tampered with the book. The Bible now teaches against evil and for evil. For instance, it says that we should not drink strong drinks; wine is prohibited in some places and in others it says that it is good for us.  The truth must triumph over falsehood, as day triumphs over night. When we deny the truth it shows that we love falsehood more than truth. If we fear to speak the truth for the sake of falsehood, this is not only hiding the truth, but is actually showing fear and distrust in the Divine Supreme Being. His Wisdom and His power.

This hiding and mixing the truth with falsehood because of fear of the enemy (Devils) is taking a great number of our people to hell with the Devils.  It is natural for one to fear that of which he has no knowledge. However, when truth and Knowledge are made clear to you as you find is being done today in this column, you have no cloak for your fear. Your mixing up truth with falsehood is only because you fear your enemy (the Devils).  Allah (God) doesn't care for us when our fear is greater for our enemies than for Him. Allah says: "Me, and me alone, should you fear. Believe in that which I have revealed, verifying that which is with you, and be not the first to deny it; neither take a mean price for my message; and keep your duty to Me, and Me alone."  - (Holy Qur'an 2:40-41)

Once the so-called Negroes drop slavery (Christianity), and accept Allah for their God, and His religion (Islam) Allah will remove their fear and grief, and they will not fear nor grieve any more.  It is a shame to see our people in such fearful condition. "The fearful and the unbelieving shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death" (Rev. 21:8).

The Devil whom they fear more than Allah (God) was not able to protect himself against Allah; therefore, his followers shared with him the fire of bell. Though they had suffered one death (mental-death), and by fearing the Devils and rejecting the truth, they suffered a physical death, which was the final death. The devils know that they have deceived the world with their false religion (Christianity). The Devils are so afraid that Islam is going to give life and light to the so-called Negroes that they sit and watch over them (the so-called Negroes) day and night.


By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, January 11, 1974

"There are a lot of crazy and nasty minded people in this world.

Some of them write me (husbands and wives write me) asking for

freedom to take over other women and other men.

You stand today as much to be charged with committing fornication

and adultery as you were before ever you heard Islam!

I wish you would stay out of the category of fools!"

-- Elijah Muhammad

Messenger of Allah



By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

Excerpts from Saviour's Day, 1967; Reprinted in Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, March 17, 1967

The white theologians, or scripture scientists, have so fixed

the Bible in their way that the truth is hard to understand --

though the truth is here in the Bible . . .God has raised me in the midst of you to interpret for you.   I do my best to give you the truth without making any changes.   I

have no knowledge of anything I am teaching -- only what Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, has given me.  I want you to take note of the PROPHECY of the  birth of the last One, God Himself.  They used to preach that God came in flesh and in the blood.  But they do not preach that much now.

The Bible says here in Matthew, first chapter, the 21st verse: "And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shall

call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins,"  We want you to listen to it carefully and do

not misunderstand it.  If Jesus was to save his people from sin 2,000 years ago, where are they?

I want you to remember these things.  These are the scriptures you boast are accurate.  And if you know

that it is truth, then you have not understood it; you are misrepresenting it.  I want you to listen to something

else.  If he came and saved the Jews from their sins, we cannot find them.  They are not here today.   And if it is

meant the total race of white people, why are they expecting Judgment?   If they said that he was sent to the

house of Israel seeking to save the lost sheep of the House of Israel, some of us misunderstand it.   They think

that is referring to the whole race of white people of IsraeL.   They misunderstand it.  They fail to catch the trick

there of the theologian.

Save the lost  sheep of the House of Israel.   He did not say that Israel was sheep.  He said the sheep of

the House of Israel.  If he had meant Israel being the house of sheep, he would have said to save the sheep of

Israel . . . we must look closely into the words and understand what is meant today.   If he is a sheep of the

house, it means another people who are in the House of Israel, or the race of Israel.   They are not the same,  but

quite different.  Therefore, to cover up the aboriginal members of our people here in the West, they symbolize

you as sheep.   You are not able, until today, to understand that the sheep is you in another nation, in a house

where you do not belong.   The average clergyman preaches as one who needs to be brought back to the

church.   Christianity.   I want you to change your text, brother. It is not a sheep that is out of the church.   It is a

sheep that needs to come out of a church. . .You worship  everything that white people worship . . .You now always reject those trying to say anything good about you -- it is not what they have taught you.   There are white people in America and

abroad who have great respect for Islam, but they are not supposed to teach you Islam.   This is against their

nature and the oath they have among themselves never to wake up the Negro.   I want you to remember the

name Israel.   Don't think Israel is a good name.   Israel is not a good name.   Israel is an evil name.   I will make it

clear to you.   According to your Bible.   The Bible said that Jacob was named Israel after he had conquered the Angel.

 The Bible said that he wrestled with the Angel all night.   Understand what is meant.   If this man was

wrestling with the Angel of God, trying to force the Angel to do something the Angel did not come to do, he is

an enemy of the Angel.   It says the Angel pleaded to Jacob to let him go.   Jacob said, "No, no, no !   I cannot let

you go until you bless me."

The Book says  he wrestled all night long -- and as the day began to break, the Angel said  "Let me go."

Jacob "No no!   Bless me before you go. "   He is a enemy.    According to history, white people have been at war

ever since they had civilization.   They never have been able to get along in peace with themselves.  It is time.   If

you do not know the truth today--good by.   There are some people who are ashamed and fear to accept the

truth lest they lose friendship with the enemy of the truth.   Whether you accept or reject, you do not  have any

friendship, because by nature he is against you.   By nature, he ... oppose you if you take [him] to heaven.   That

is why 6,000 years ago, they had to throw him out.   And to have peace today, they will have to throw him out of

the earth.

The world  is at war now.   Who started it ? . . . It was not Islam.   It has to be Christianity.   Ever since 1942,

the world has been restless, with one picking up arms after another--to bring them to today, the final ending

of the war.   To do what, Muhammad?   To put an end to war making; putting an end to those who delight

themselves in making war; to stop them once and forever. . . The people was at peace in the islands of the

Pacific and in the mainland of the Far East. They were at peace until the Christians went in with their Bibles

and bottles of whiskey--and with their Marines , and with gunboats to throw shells on the people of the

mainland and Islands to force them into subjection.   The time is at hand, and I want you to know the truth.

God did not raise me up in your midst to bear witness to other than the truth--but to give you the truth that

will bring to you salvation for self; to join you onto the Nation of righteousness; give you the Kingdom of the

nations; make you Ruler of the people of earth. . . Negro is a slang name given to us by those who love to

make us blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of Self.   That word does not mean civilization.   He is not of

this nor of that.   He is like a piece of iron---he is dead and lifeless.  --

The One Hundred and Fourty-Four Thousand (Part One)

By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

October 20, 1956

THIS number is mentioned in the Bible (Rev. 14:1) as being the number of the first believers in Allah (God) and His Messenger.

The Messenger is called a Lamb due to certain characteristics of his (the Messenger's) being similar to that of a sheep, and the tender Love of Allah for Him like that of a good Shepherd towards his sheep.  Though the love of Allah (God) for the so-called Negroes is not equaled by anyone. Describing us as sheep is about the best way of putting it, as sheep are dumb, ignorant and humble, not aggressive.  They will not fight even if attacked by the wolf. So, are the so-called Negroes and Allah has to do the fighting for them.  Let us understand what we are reading. It is prophecy in symbolic of the future that was seen in a vision by Yakub, the father of the white race, which he saw on the Isle of Patmos or Pelan 6,000 years ago. He was warning his people that which would come to them at the end of their time.  The number  144,000 in mathematics means a square which is a perfect answer for the spiritual work of Allah (God) with that number of people.

They are the first [so-called] (Negro) converts from among the wicked to Allah (God and His Messenger, referred to as the first ripe fruit (the first of the righteous) unto God and the Lamb, in verse 4 of the same chapter. They are righteous enough (ripe) to be picked out of the wicked race to be used for the purpose of squaring the nations of earth into righteousness.  After the righteous Black Nation has labored under the wicked rule of the devils for 6,000 years, the return to a righteous Ruler, under the God of Righteousness, the people must be reorganized to live under such government.  The All Wise God Allah to Whom praise is due, Who came in the person of Master W.F. Muhammad, seeking us, the lost and last members of a chosen nation, is building a new world of Islam out of the old.  Therefore, He lays the base of His Kingdom with a square number of mathematics truth.  His New World of Islam (Kingdom of Peace) can be proven mathematically step by step, which we all know that mathematics is truth.  He (Allah) uses the square made of them (the so-called Negroes) who He redeemed from among men (the Caucasian race); they were not defiled with women (the women other than their own kind).  This number (144,000) will be made up of all the so-called American Negroes who have been the merchandise of the American whites for 400 years.  They now must be redeemed by Allah (God) for them to be free according to the Law of Justice, and become the Servants of their Own god (Allah) again. The so-called Negroes should shout to learn of this DIVINE TRUTH.

The Revelator didn't see a single one of the Caucasian race in the number (144,000).  He (Allah) gave the number of the Beast in the previous Chapter (Rev. 13:18) as the number Six, which is the true number of the Caucasian race, or the Man of Sin.  The Bible says, "Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beasts." After the coming of Allah (God), the symbolic beast and his number has been revealed, it is now understood.  The number 144, the root is "12" and there are 12 Tribes, the 12 Imams are the real answer.

Allah said we once had 13 Tribes, but one got lost. The number 144 will be the Stars of the Nation, and this number (144) multiplied by 12 equals a cube.  This number (144,000) so-called Negroes, under the Guidance of Allah (God) Who came in the Person of Master W.F. Muhammad, will cube the whole nation of black mankind, into a nation of righteousness.  Write and get your name on the Nations Book of Life, as one of the brothers or sisters on the SQUARE (144,000).             --

The One Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand (Part Two)

By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

October 27, 1956

Redeemed from the power and curse of the slave-masters, who have condemned and killed them (the so-called Negroes) and they didn't resist (James 5:6), so doubly true it is. We are denied justice and are put to death by the hands of the enemies daily without even a protest, except by a few.  144,000 out of over 17 million so-called Negroes will actually give up the murdering beast, his name, way of worship and go back to their native people and country.  It is a sad picture.  They must have a belief in Allah, and His religion of peace (Islam) for our return. Therefore, the number is small, because the Beast (Devil) put fear into us when we were Babies.  The devils seek to destroy the 144,000 as soon as they heard the TRUTH, while only babies in the knowledge of it (Rev. 12:4). They also seek to kill any so-called-Negro who has enough nerve to speak the TRUTH, as the TRUTH hurts the devil, and FALSEHOOD hurts us and brings us down to the devil's doom.  A Lamb stood on the Mount Sion and with Him a 144,000 having His Father's name written in their foreheads (Rev. 14:1).

First, SION, according to the Bible dictionary, is one of the various names of Mount Hermon (Deut. 4:48). Second, the Greek form of the Hebrew name Zion, the famous Mount of the Temple, -Mount Hermon. A mountain on the northeastern border of Palestine (Deut. 3:8).  Hermon is the most conspicuous and beautiful mountain in Palestine or Syria. If Sion means the Mount of the Temple in Jerusalem or the land now called Palestine, in this prophetic prophecy of the place for the 144,000 redeemed, then it is a good place to begin, or land for the squaring of the nations, as at present a dispute reigns over who the owner is. Putting them on the square with the God of the LAMB (Messenger or Apostle) to move eastward, because the Lamb's job won't be completed until He and His company have convinced, the old world that His God, who delivered them from the beast, is the God of the worlds, and only HE, should all nations serve and obey.  It is written (By Sir William Muir on the Life of Muhammad) that Muhammad had 144,000 sincere followers with him on his last Pilgrimage to the Holy City Mecca, and not one hypocrite or infidel was among them.

The second and third verses (14:2-3) make mention of the many people (many waters) over the Lamb and His followers' victory over the Beast (the Devil). The fourth verse says that the 144,000 were not defiled with women, that they were virgins. These women must refer to the Beasts, for they are forbidden to the righteous; and if the 144,000 would make love with those whom God (Allah) had come to destroy, their victory over the beast would be impossible.  It is the women who the enemy will use to attract the 144,000 to go down to Hell with them.  She was used in Paradise to bring about the fall and exile, to trick Moses' people, [and] to trick Samson.  --

The One Hundred And Forty-Four Thousand (Part Three)

By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

November 3, 1956

They had the name of their Father, not the Beast's name (Slave-masters), which was of no value. His name and works are to be destroyed from the earth. The Beast's name was not a name of God or His Attributes, but this the so-called Negroes don't know, but I am telling you now. All Muslims' names have a beautiful meaning and 99 of them are Divine Attributes.  Remember my people Jones, Johnson, Smith, Hog, Bird, Fish, Bear, Woods and such names as Roundtree will not be accepted by your God and mine (Allah).

To make up that square (144,000), to be truthful with you, God has said to me that, He will not accept any white people in His Kingdom.  The Mark, according to the Holy Qur'an that will be in their foreheads will be from prostrating.  The Muslims prostrate in their prayers on rough floors or rugs, which produces a mark on the forehead. Some of my followers have such sign now produced by the five prayers a day obligation.  The righteous is always marked by his righteousness, as the wicked is marked by his or her wicked acts.  They are actually Marked by Nature and are recognized by both parties.  The 144,000 were not afraid of the beast, as God is on their side and they put their trust in Him alone.

The Lamb's (the Messenger's) only weapon was the Truth (the Sword that proceedeth out of his mouth) and it stands true that truth alone is sufficient to destroy falsehood, as light destroys darkness. The ninth verse of the same chapter (Rev. 14) warns us against worshiping the Beast, his image or to receive his mark on our head or in our hand, and the small shall drink of the wrath of God poured without mixture and shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Holy Angels and the Lamb (Apostle).

The so-called Negroes have great love for their Slave-masters, their Church, religion, color and works.  This love must be lost or cast away to become one of the 144, 000.  You, who believe literally in the physical resurrection of the dead, must remember the Book here teaches that the first righteous to be saved (the 144,000) is redeemed from among men (Rev. 14:4), not out of the grave. It is a sin that you are so blinded that you cannot see, nor will you accept Plain Truth.  Surely, there is a resurrection of the dead.  It is one of the Principles of Islam, but not the physically dead in the graveyards. It is the mentally dead, the ignorant, whom the devil's falsehood has killed, to the knowledge of truth, the DIVINE TRUTH which must be preached to them to awaken them into the knowledge of Him again.  You and I Know that it can't refer to a physically dead person, because that one won't and can't rise again. What is left to rise from a body that has gone back to the earth, or up in smoke, or eaten by some wild beast or fish of the sea? People who died before the flood and after?  Even Adam?  They have nothing to rise from.  Remember the Old Testament (the Torah) doesn't teach of a resurrection of the dead, according to Job (Chapter 7:9), "He that goeth down to the grave shall come up no more." He must be right as we haven't seen one come up yet from the grave that was really dead.  Surely, if it had meant a physical death God would have taught it to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and all of the ancient Prophets would have had a knowledge of it, even Job, but not so.  Write in and join on to the 144,000. Islam is your right religion, hurry, join your own before it is too late.  --

Master W.D. Fard Mohammed, Born February 26, 1877


February 26, 1936

Written and sent to #1 Michigan by the Honorable Elijah Mohammed, Servant of Allah

This day February 26, 1877, Fifty nine years ago, in Heaven the Holy City Mecca, a Savior was born.

From the bearers of Heaven's throne, a voice raised high and mighty Master W.D. Fard Mohammed, have been born the Mighty King. save me, and my people who were lost, Blind, Deaf, and Dumb.  Dead to the knowledge of everything.

Born...Hath He, to intercede, for me, and my people in this Judgement Day. give life to me and my people, that we might live. give Freedom to me, and my people, who were slaves to Devils in this wicked Hell of North America. give Justice, to we lost founds, who never knew what it was before. give Equality with the Angels of Paradise. save the fallen Sons of the Tribe of Shabazz from the wicked grasp of Yacub's made Devil and Satan. destroy with unquenchless fire, the enemy of we Lost People that the work of Yacub's made Devil will never revive. unite the Lost Sheep who went astray in 1555 with the 4,400,000,000 of his Nation. restore all Black Mankind into one Love together.

Born...The Lord of the Worlds! destroy the old world; and bring in the new world.

Born...the Wisest of all, the most Merciful, the most Loving, the Almighty, the knower of what is in man's

heart, the Doer of what he pleases...There is no God but Him, in the Earth, not in the heavens above the

Earth.  I shall forever remember this day, the 26th of February, 1877, and my off spring too.  To keep a fast of

joy with all my poor lost found Nation, whom this, Our Savior the King was born; I shall not eat any food

this day until the sun goes down.  This I will do, that my heart, and my body be not hindered, from giving

praise to my King that was born this day, whose light of Love, Freedom, Justice, and Equality, is greater to

me than the Sun, Moon, and Stars.  Now come all you Lost Founds, and praise the name of our Savior and King,

who was born, and we have reclaimed our own.

He gave to us his Holy Name and calls everyone of us by own.  All praise be to Our Savior, the Almighty

Allah.  The Strong, the Giver of Life. Praise him, you who have reclaimed your own, and know him as

your Savior and King. Forever and ever, let the Universe Praise Him.


Explanation of Master Fard Muhammad

By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

You are surrounded with water. The Great Pacific Ocean

stretches out several thousand square miles. Millions of

square miles. Here you thinks that you were safe. No Nation

could attack you between these two great oceans. You was

long ways from any attacker. This was in the heads of your

fathers. But today you find that the earth is very narrow. With

modern transportation. Circling around the earth in less than a

days time. You have learned that you are not out of the reach

of God, Who can find us wherever we may be. As The Book

teaches you, even though you may go an ascend above the

clouds or into the heavens, or at the bottom of the ocean,

nevertheless He will get us just the same. No way to hide.

The Judgment has come. Who shall be the Judge. According

to the Bible in the 25th chapter and the 30th verse to the 34th

verse of the 25th chapter of Matthew (the Bible), it teaches us

like this, according to the prophecy of Jesus, at least its put

here as the words of Jesus. Goes something like this. When

the Son of Man shall come in His Glory and all the holy

angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the throne of His Glory. Here. Let's take a look at this. When the

Son of Man shall come in His Glory. In His Time. And in the Day or Year that He should take for Himself to

rule the people in righteousness and Judge the unrighteous and give to the righteous, their reward and bring

upon the unrighteous, the consequences of their doings of evil. He shall sit upon the throne of His Glory. He

shall, not say have a seat, sitting down, but He has the power that He is now ready to execute within His own

hands. Within His own Person, to do according to Justice and righteousness as it was predicted for Him to do

before His appearance. Thirty-second: And before Him shall be gathered all Nations. Think over this. Before

Him shall be gathered all Nations. Not one but all the Nations. And He shall separated them, one from


Did you say you didn't want to be separated, my poor Black people, here in America? But here, it is written

that you shall be separated. It is prophesied and written in the Book of Moses, that in the beginning God

separated the sons of Adam. The sons of Adam meaning the various colors that was made through grafting

the color white out of Blackman, so God, Almighty, To Whom Praise is due, has taught me, Master Fard

Muhammad. Try and dispute anything. You can't do it today. Everything is made manifest. You can't do no

disputing. You'd only make a fool of yourself, trying to dispute truth, when it has made its' appearance.

Here we have, that before Him shall be gathered all Nations. All the Nations of the earth, today, we bear

witness, is now at war with each other. We bear witness that all the Nations today is now gathered before God, Almighty. 

Who shall Judge us? The Son of Man. Who is the Son of Man? Now, you ask the big

question. It shall be answered. He's not a spirit. He is a man, himself!  And only Man can judge or

dictate or confer or have any sympathy in the affairs of a man. There is no interest that man takes in no life

on the earth, as he takes in another man. He have no interest in trying to take in another life, a beast life, a

fowl life, sea life, beast life, as He, Himself and His kind. He has great interest in the affairs of his fellow

man. But not any other life. He will treat other life fairly, but He has too much superiority over other lives,

therefore He looks upon them as a low creature to Himself and His Kind. The interest in the affairs of man.

So The Son of Man must be the Judge of man. It takes Man, who are interested in man to sit as judge over

man and man's affairs. I want you who has been taught that the Son of Man is some kind of spook or the

Coming of the Son of Man is spooky and not flesh and blood, or matter, that we can see and feel, you have

been made to believe other-than the real truth. Almighty God to Whom Praise is Due Forever, in the Person

of Master Fard Muhammad demands you and me today to prove that God is such thing that has been taught

to you and me, some kind of spirit or spook. He demands us to prove these things. He demands our teachers

who have deceived us to prove such teachings, as God is something other than man. His appearance. His

name should have taught us that God is a Man. His Name, the pronoun used for Masculine, should have

taught us that God is a Man. His hearing. His seeing. And His thinking. And His revealing things to us in our

language and His tender care for us. And His part taken in our affairs should have taught us that God is a

Man. He sees. He hears. He knows. He acts like we and He is a Person. His wisdom is taught to us, Whom

He pleases. He is a Man. The Son of Man. Why is He mentioned as The Son of Man, instead of just saying A

Man shall sit and Judge the Nations of the World? But why He's referred to as Son of Man? It is to teach us

this lesson. That He is part of a made man and part of an Original man, who had no beginning, nor ending.

He's part of the two. He's part of the people, Whom He comes to Judge and to destroy. And He's part of the

people that He comes to Save. This gives Him that particular good and merciful love for that people, the

Aboriginal People of Whom He is part of. It gives Him that anger and that warlike spirit and that merciful

like spirit of the enemy, whom He's part of. As you it in the Bible, He's made from both.

Let's take a look in the Revelation here. "And I saw a woman sitting in heaven, with a crown upon her head

and the elders was with her and she had the moon under her feet." These are symbolic things that is said to

you, but nevertheless, she had a son. The woman was there with the son. Not a literal son. This woman is the

mother of the Man. The Son of Man, born in heaven from a woman taken from the Caucasian people. But

nevertheless was made pure. As you used to hear it said that Mary, God taking seven devils out of Mary in

order to make her fit to bear Jesus.

I want you to know that this is not referring to Mary in Palestine, 2000 years ago. This is the mother of the

Mahadiah, The Mahdi, as He's called by the Arab and by the Qur'an. The name Mahdi, or Mahadiah, means

One coming at the end of the world, self-independent and self-guided and comes to guide others. He,

Himself, is Self-Guided. This is God in Person. You find this in the 22nd Surah of the Qur'an.

Let us take a look, again. Since you have known that the Son of Man, as you made it Jesus 2000 years ago,

that He was to be born and given a body suitable to condemn the wicked and to get among the wicked so that

He could get a first-hand their evil doings. He comes among them, as the Jesus prophesied, without

observation. This is a good way to not recognize a Man, when He looks like you. When He came among us,

He looked something like us. He favored our people. We could let Him in. And I was one who let Him in my

home. He ate with me for many days. I listened to His knock on my door. At that time, I had no doorbell. It

was just a door. And He knocked on my door and I...

The Revelations, how it teachings of how He will knock on the door, whosoever let Him in and give Him

food, He also would eat with them. So, now, I'm dining with Him. Because in those days, I was very hungry.

Had not good food to eat.

Let's take another look at it. (Coughing) Pardon me. "And He shall separate them, one from another." "As a

shepherd divides his sheep from the goat." Here the sheep, as you know, represent the righteous. The goat

represents the wicked. Again, you know this to be true. Because you have read this time and again and again.And the nature of a goat is mischief-making. And the nature of a sheep is peace and harmony. This is two

animals very very good to describe the righteous and the wicked. And we know that Black people are not

mischief-makers. They are very peaceful. If we are to ourselves, we do not seek to lynch and burn one

another. We can always agree, if we are left alone. And keep the white man out of our home and out of our

presence. And out of our problems that we want to solve for the makings of peace.

The Judgment, as this, you will find another album on the same subject, because this kind subject cannot be

put on one album. It takes hours to bring you into the real of the Judgment that is now prevailing over the

white world of man. It's a sad time and its a mean, wicked time. It's a time of anger. A time of warring, one

against the other. A time of no spirit of God working among the evil-doers. They are let loose like wild

animals to do all of their hearts desire of evil. Everything that they can imagine is evil, as it was in the Day of

Sodom and Gomorrah, the Bible teaches us, that God said the very imagination of them was to do evil. And

in the Days of Noah's flood, the same. The people's whole heart had gone over to the doings of evil. So it is

today, as you see it.

The Son of Man, "Then shall the King say unto them on His right hand..." He's, now, the King. He was The

Son of Man ... but when He gets them separated, He becomes the King. He shall say, to them on His right

hand, "Come ye blessed of my father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, inherit the Kingdom prepared for

you from the foundation of the world." It was already the Kingdom of the Righteous. They were before the

foundation of the evil race. They ruled in righteous. The earth was theirs. The earth still belongs to them.

Come now, after the King conquers, this is what is said here. After He conquers the goats, put the goats to

themselves, out of the pasture of the righteous, He says now, "This is your Kingdom. It was yours in the

Beginning. And now take your kingdom and be at peace. Enjoy it. It was created for you." Wonderful my

people! There is no beginning to Black. We have no birth record of Him. The earth belongs to the Black

people. It is not something they have to fight for. It's already theirs. They just take for themselves now and

rule it. And become the entire power of it, as it is already their home. Their fathers made it for us to enjoy.

An enemy came in and made us an enemy. But this is the end. This is the Judgment of the enemy.

We are going to move further and further into this subject. He says, that it was prepared for the righteous

from the beginning. Then He comes in the 35th verse, in a Time of the Judgment, for this work is in the Time

of the Judgment. When He made His appearance among them, He sometime was hungry. Sometime He was

naked. We bought him clothes. We gave Him food. This is true. For I was hungry and he gave me meat. I

was thirsty, he gave me drink. I was a stranger and you took me in. I was a stranger in the country in the

country. No one knew who I was, but you took me in. So, now, enter into the joy of your Lord. Be happy. I

have conquered the world. In words He's saying now. And I want to pay you for your kindness to Me, when

I was not known. Only you, I revealed Myself to. Now, I want you to know, that I want to reward you for

feeding, and clothing and sheltering me in the days when I was not known by this world. Enter into the joy. I

want to make you happy. It is all yours.

Let's see what the Holy Qur'an has to say about this. The Holy Qur'an also mentions the Judgment as being a

time when all the nations would be gathered together. He says, here, which makes it a little more plainer to

us, under the title of The Doom in the fourth section, 28th verse of the Chapter or Surah 45 of the Holy

Qur'an. The 28th verse says, "And you shall see every Nation kneeling down. Every Nation shall be called to

it's Book. Today you shall be rewarded for what did". Think over that.

Every Nation kneeling down. Every Nation submitting to the Record that they kept themselves in their own

Book. Every Nation has a Book of records. They call it the History of that Nation. All God wants man to do,

and that Day and in this Day and time we are living in, to submit to your own doing. As the Holy Qur'an

teaches us, around the 76th or 75th Surah, that man will be made to confess his own doing and will not

charge his own evil to another. It goes something like this, "The spirit of self, the self-accusing spirit, or self

accuses self of it's shortcomings." I say to you. It says here in the 29th verse of the 45th Chapter...This is our

book that speaks against you with Justice. He comes to do justice. See the finishing of this on the second

album, The Judgment. Buy both for the same price. Thank you. 

Messenger Condemns False Teachings

October 15, 1972

 We are here to correct you of some of your mistakes, and to declare your innocence of those mistakes.  Some of those mistakes you are guilty of.  We want to correct you in the public so the public won't think that we are going along with these mistakes,

of backing you up in them. I don't back you up in that which is other than the truth. I don't care what you say, because it could be on me. "Mr. Muhammad, you are God, you are Master Fard Muhammad."  Don't tell me

that. Master Fard Muhammad is the One that I'm representing. I am the man who just wants to take my

own place, and then leave the place that I don't belong in to the man who belongs there.

I have heard some of you so-called believers putting your place in somebody else's place and making

yourselves somebody else. What you are making is other than the truth.

 We want our people to be converted out of un-truth into truth. We don't want to add nothing to the truth,

because that will make it other than the truth.  We're going to make it a habit of exposing you before those whom you lied to, letting them know that you were not telling them the truth.

 I don't back you up in telling other than the truth. I am going to force those who are seeking truth to not to

back you up in it, and to walk out on you, because I'm going to tell them the truth. If you tell them other than

the truth, I'm going to tell them that you told other than the truth right before their face, like you told

them other than the truth to their face. I'm going to tell them the truth to their face.

I'm not here to preach lies, I'm here to preach the truth. You have lived under falsehood all your lives. The

truth has come and falsehood must vanish.

We were born under falsehood; consequently, we love falsehood rather than truth. As the Bible puts it,

"They're born under darkness, we love darkness rather than light; so, when light comes we flee back looking

for the darkness."

You have many things being taught and put out to the people as though I teach you that, so you will

get your lies accepted.

 Brothers and sisters, I do not teach the people other than the truth. What I teach is truth. I'm not here to add

anything to the truth. I'm not here trying to make you think I'm something that I'm not.

 If you think that I'm trying to make you see me in the light of something I'm not, get your book and come

on and I will get my book and will prove to you that I don't go beyond the scope of my mission which Allah

has given to me.  If I say anything beyond what I've been missioned to do, which you can't find me backed up in the

scripture of truth, come to me and I'll pay you a hundred dollars for every word - oh no, that's not enough, ten

thousand dollars then for every story that I tell you which is other than the truth.

 If you find anything I'm doing that you can prove is other than righteous, I will give you ten thousand

dollars if the answer cannot be located in the scripture of truth.

 There never was a false prophet sent to the people in the past, and this is not one standing before you.

Some of the things that I do, you may label as being other than right, but that's just because you have not read

the scriptures. You haven't learned what the Last Man should look like, what he should do or how that the

book teaches you that he is a Fulfiller. You don't take the time to read what a Fulfiller is.

 When a man comes to you and is sent by another one, and tells you that he fulfills Jonah's scriptures, well

then , you should go and read Jonah and learn what Jonah did, to see if whether or not this man fulfills his

work. Fulfill means to do the same work which that man did. If the man you're talking to corresponds,

then he's fulfilling; however if you don't see Jonah's work, in this man's work, then he doesn't fulfill Jonah's

work. Fulfill means to do what another one does. So be careful about how you label people to be something

that they are not.

I want you to know that I don't condone falsehood, and if you want to do so, you are not following

me, you're following yourself. I have some brothers who are just going out making up text of their own and delivering it to you to

believe.  I'm going to teach you the history of Jesus as Allah gave it to me, but please don't you try teaching it

unless you're going to teach the truth.  Some of you are going wild, telling everything you think. We don't want what you think, we want what God has taught us. We want His thinking and not yours.

 This is what gives the people a wrong understanding of us. Here stands a liar on this corner and there

stands a truth bearer on that corner. The people don't know which one to believe. The liar just says whatever

comes up. All you know is how to tell something different from what you've learned. I don't want that kind of

man or woman following me.  Don't add to what you hear me saying, nor take from what you hear me saying. It is the truth that I

have received. When you go adding and taking from it, you make it other than the truth.  I want to tell new people to stop listening to any such talk or teaching that is not the same words that I am teaching. I would rather for all of them to come hear what I am saying directly, and if they find me telling other than the truth, then the whole teaching is other than the truth.

 You won't find me telling you other than the truth. Not nothing I say. If you think I'm telling other than the

truth, come and explain to me what you think is other than the truth and I will give you a check for ten

thousand dollars before you leave here. If that's not enough, I will make it ten thousand times ten thousand.

 My goal to God is to tell you the truth, because a liar reared us and we can't leave that liar with his lie. We

have to have the truth to GO FROM HIM.

 Anything that I say, you're always welcomed to question me on it. I don't run from you just because you

want to ask questions. I should say not; I'm here for you to question me on the knowledge of the truth, which I'm teaching.

 You are offered that freedom by God Himself, Who taught me to ask Him questions and learn all about

myself. I'm equipped with the truth from Almighty God Allah. Some of it you may not understand, but don't

try condemning that which you don't understand yourself. Don't fancy out nothing. Just tell the plain old

truth.  I want to straighten out these false teachings, so that you may know the truth from myself who

received it directly from the mouth of God.

 As I said, I'm willing to pay with my life for lying to you, if you find me lying. No, I'm not going to lie; no

sir, I'm going to tell you the truth even if only one of you listens to it. I won't add a lie to it to make a house

full of people listen to it. I'm going to teach you the truth.

 A person could say, "I come to a place like this and you mislead me, telling other than the truth of what

the Messenger has taught? Well brother, I don't care to walk with you in the Gate."

 What do you think I am, a liar? Try and prove it. I'm here directly from the face of God, as it's written. I

didn't come of my own; I was raised up in your midst and sent to teach you the truth. No man on Earth could

teach you what I'm teaching you.

Why do you add to it? Why do you throw lies into it? As people listen to you, they will tell it, then

you will be brought before me one day and I have the power with God to put a finishing touch on you.

 I'm certainly very dissatisfied with you rising up and taking hold of the truth, then putting it back before

the people as lies from yourself. We may not like you after a while and I'm asking you to stop before we

dislike you. When saying, "We," I mean God Himself and I.

You are doing wrong things. We are here to kill the liar and destroy him who has destroyed the

people of righteousness, by misleading them in the way of other than the truth.

This is a good way to learn who your brother is. Just make up lies and go tell it to the people, making

them think I'm teaching you that. It means you are coming to me. I'm not teaching the people other than

the truth. It is you who are taking and ripping the truth apart by adding parts of your own lies to it.

You won't get away with it. I'm most certainly that little fellow who's called a Lamb in the Bible, bound to

get you for it.

 Why would you come here to get truth to go and tell other than the truth with it? Get truth now, then add

other than the truth to it. You shouldn't come here; this is the wrong place. This is where you come to learn

the truth.

I defy you to prove what I teach here is other than the truth. I do that every time I get on the stand.

I want people who love the truth. I want people who love the results of truth and the result of the lies and

the liar. I can prove everything I preach to you, everything. I prove to you that it is the truth, not only that,

everything I do can prove that it's the truth.

 We believe that we have very intelligent people. We want them to listen to the truth, even to something of

business which we should be doing and not to a lot of little brothers who don't know what they're talking

about, just opening up their mouths saying what they think.

 I want you to know that I'm not participating in such foolishness and I don't teach any. They're the foolishbrother or sister who take the teaching and try making themselves look wise, but are actually making

themselves look like a fool. I don't condone nothing of the kind. The truth alone is sufficient to make

you admire it or you can disbelieve and leave it alone.

 We are trying to make you see the importance of us doing something for self. I have, with the help of

Allah, believers who follow me to bring to you an example of people who want to do something for self and

if you are qualified to help us, come in and help. We will greatly appreciate your help and pray to Allah to

give you the quality if you don't have what's needed to join up with us.

 We learned of some of our people who are qualified to help build. We're coming after you. You're not

rejected nor anyone else. We just want the people who can build according to the blueprints we give them. If

you cannot build according to the blueprint, don't accept the job, because you hurt your reputation with your

own people.

 We don't want you cast out of the job that we could have the money borrowed to have done. Confess what

you can do. Don't tell us what you cannot do. We're real glad if you can do it, but don't accept a job if you

know you can't do it, just because you are our brother. Just say, "Brother, I'm your brother, but I can't do this

job." Then we will know what to do, but don't take a job from us knowing you're not qualified to do it; no,

that hurts you and us. We want to admire your ability to do the job.

I'm so happy to learn that we have people among us who can do anything. We have some wise and well

trained people, but they never were able to get together and do something for self. I want them to get with me

and I'll show them some places where they can go to work and do something for self. Yes. To leave such

great people sitting idly by, just listening to thoughts and never materializing the thought it's not good.

 Get these people, that have the know-how, to work. Let them do the work. Who would be any happier than

I, to know that I have MY OWN PEOPLE here who have the knowledge of that which we want to do? There

is no man among you who is happier than I am to know that you can do these things for yourself. Some

people think that none of us know anything, but we do have people who know something. They have not

proved their knowledge so that others will know that they know.

WE WANT TO FEED OURSELVES. My beloved listeners, if you want to feed yourselves, you should be

compelled to go to the farm; that is where people find food. Don't be ashamed to go and do for yourselves,

raising food in the country.

Originally that is where our fathers came from and I want you to know that if we are to be a nation and a

strong nation, we must go to the farm to feed our stomachs. Also, there we can feed every our backs with

good clothes.

Put good clothes on our backs from the farm. These things we have to do if we expect to live on this earth

and get its yield out of it.

We have to and dig into it like the devil has done. He dug into it and made himself rich with a stomach full

of good food from our labor. Think over that.

He looked at us and made us pull the earth's wealth out for himself and left us poor. Now, he says we're


Let's make good of this freedom, then if he tries to hinder you from making good of that which he claims

he has given to you, then make good in both ways. Make good at stopping him from getting what he has

given you.  There is one thing I would like to warn you of. Get you a name. I will show you how to get it: a name that

will live. You can't see the Hereafter with the white man's name. Every Black man on the earth knows the

white man's name from your name. Don't wear that name. Don't be called by his name. If you don't do

anything but tell the world, "I'm the Lords servant, but He has not given me His name yet," that's better than

wearing a white man's name.

Just tell them that, "Yes, I have a name; it's in my God's profession." Well what is that?" Well, you can call

me God. Call me Allah; call me Gabriel, or call me anything, but a white man's name." We don't want the

name of the devil.

The Bible teaches you and me that, "All that had the name of the beast (call him a beast) they went down

with the beast." I'm not to tell you other than the truth. I am the next closet one to Allah. I don't think Allah

will take a liar for His Right Hand - or His Right Hand would be a liar. No. I tell you what He taught me and

it's up to you to believe it or let it alone.

Don't be like those of whom the Holy Qur'an speaks of as saying, "Oh, would that I had followed the

Messenger. Oh, would that I had taken away with the Apostle after the truth had come to me."

The world is in an awful condition. They want to shoot these people so bad. They're out telling them now.

Since Japan has joined up with Korea and China, they are not afraid to tell you that they're ready wild John.

That's what they call the devil. I'm saying GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THE SHOOTING OF WILD


Are there any questions? You may ask anything you want to. I'm very happy to answer them if I know the

answer. I don't say to you that I know all the answers, unless He reveals them to me. Sometimes He reveals

them by the time you get the question out of your mouth. I don't previously have the knowledge, but while

you are asking the question, He tells me the answer.

Those that seek Separation and those that seek Integration are all considered a threat by the wicked powers that be.


Why they fear Black unity

Messenger Raised Leaders

Last Messenger and Minister Farrakhan




By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

The Fall of America, pages 20-25, [Excerpts] 1973

"'Self First.'  We, the Black people in America, do not think for self first.  Failing to think for self first is the greatest mistake we the poor Black people who are up from servitude slavery of the fathers can make....This is due to the fact that we try to think something for the benefit of the slave-master -- something to make him smile at the freed Black slave!  Trying to win the love of the white slave master has been our (the Black People's) GREATEST MISTAKE.  Now, it has become our GRAVEST MISTAKE....He has deceived every human being -- well, except the Angels of Heaven....In the Bible, John, in The Revelation, sees the Preachers and his followers burning in hell-fire with the Devil, the white slave-masters.  I do not care how much you teach or tell the "Reverend" that he is headed for Hell in following the white slave-master, Devil; they ignore the warning for the sake of the honor of the white slave-master.  But when yo look into it, yo will see that the white slave-master is not honoring the "Reverend'" he is fooling him.  The white slave-master cares nothing about the "Reverend" that he has made, and he thinks that the "Reverend" is a fool for following him.  It is written in the Bible which teaches the "Reverend" against following the Devil.  The people who work as the Devil's Disciples are called "Reverend."  The word "Reverend" means "to respect" but this is a false honor from the Devil and yet the Reverend goes still and he will walk right into the lake of hell-fire with the Devil, as long as the Devil calls him "Reverend" or "Father."...Self-First--The "Reverends" are the enemies of their (own) Black People.  If the Preachers do as the white slave-master tells them to do the white slave-master kills them as he did Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr....Be careful "Reverend!"  The white slave-master has proved in our own eyes and hearing by killing Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. who thought he was blessed to go to Heaven; but instead he went to Hell with his enemies.  I do not mean a Hell that is in the earth someplace, Brother.  Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. went to Hell in the wickedness of his white enemies--trying to satisfy his white enemies.  He gets no credit for all of the work that did for his enemies, and his enemies know that.  

I dare any one of the Christian theologists to try to prove that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. went anywhere else.  Good man that he was, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was deceived and frightened to his very heart by the enemy.  Self First.  Think for Self First!!  When Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. talked with me at my home, I saw in him that he wanted to believe me; but, he was so afraid of his enemies.  Self-First, you cannot serve two masters.  I tried my best to put fearlessness in him.  Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. ADMITTED TO ME THAT I AM TEACHING RIGHT.  HE ADMITTED THAT THE WHITE MAN IS THE DEVIL, BUT HE WAS AFRAID TO TAKE A STAND AND PREACH THAT THE WHITE MAN IS THE DEVIL.  The white man had set Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. up with a $50,000 Nobel Peace Prize.  For this money the white man desired that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. go to Hell with the Devil.  The Devil did take Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Hell.  If Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. had lasted to this day, he would have been in the same corner with me.  The Devil had Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his power through fear.  But good hearted Black Brother, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a good heart but he was yet dead spiritually; yet he was smart enough in his studies to see the truth of what I am saying.  

So I went down to the Coliseum that we had rented for a mass-meeting and I told the public what a great time Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and I had at my home.  I told the public what a great man Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was, and the white enemy showed Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. what a great man he (Arch-deceiver) was and he set Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. up with the prize money...Come and follow me, and there will be no fear for you, nor shall you grieve....Self first." -- Reprinted by